Thailand cave rescue latest: mission ready to go

Rescuers are ready to begin an operation to bring 12 boys and their soccer coach out of a cave in Thailand. Theyโ€™ve been trapped in a flooded cave in the north of the country since June 23.

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Fears of heavy rain have prompted rescuers to act and remove the boys and their coach from the cave system and bring them to safety.


31 thoughts on “Thailand cave rescue latest: mission ready to go

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  2. If only people rallied around like this for kids stuck in war zones too! We are dropping bombs on babies who are then trapped in we say anything then? NO. Humanity needs to wake up. Children are suffering everyday on this planet. If only we could come together like people are with this story..JUST SAYING. I hope the boys get out safe but not every child is lucky enough to have the world try everything it can to stop their suffering.

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