Turkey election: critics say Erdogan heading for ‘absolute rule’

Turkey votes this weekend in its most important election in many decades. If President Erdogan wins, as expected, he plans to vastly increase his own powers after already transforming the country for 16 years.

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His critics say Turkey is heading for one-man, absolute rule, though an opposition candidate appears to be running Mr Erdogan close in the polls to the surprise of many.


28 thoughts on “Turkey election: critics say Erdogan heading for ‘absolute rule’

  1. Allah is the one who is choosing the powerfull one, not you useless haters. Erdogan won because Allah wants it, stupid unbelievers open your eyes, nvm it was Allah who blinded you from the truth because he wants to punish you.

  2. So people really praising this evil corrupt dictator for making roads, tunnels and bridges? Loooool this is something the government should be doing no excuses this shouldn’t be something to be praised. It’s the governments duty to be building roads bridges and tunnels

  3. He is not a dictator. He is elected. I am a secularist, I am a Kemalist. But I support him. If you imperialist and anti-Turk westerners oppose to someone in Turkey, He is good for Turkey. We do not want your hypocricy. You make ill things against Turkey, You westerners support all Turkish enemies and then you come and comment badly on Turkish president, elected by Turkish people. A few years ago You put Erdogan on cover of Time Magazine as the man of the year? What happened? Now you declare him dictator! That's a lie. You demonize him because he does no longer serve the interests of the west. He does not collaborate with you as you like, You look for a puppet but he only works for his people and country. That's why you call him dictator. No way, He is not. We Turks support him. Now get off.

  4. These are the same british that exported opium to china just so they can buy their tea in exchange. They exploited India and killed thousands of Aboriginal Americans. And now they are talking about human rights and democracy.. Long Live Erdogan from Canada..

  5. The Tukish economy is doing very bad. In the last 4 years the Turkish Lira lost 50% of it's value and unemployment has been stable in the same period around 10% ( very bad news). The balance of trade averaged -7.5 billion a year for the same period, etc. Turkey is isolating itself from the global community to the extent that the US and other countries are considering kicking them out of NATO. Erdogan is probably doing something very well, otherwise it's difficult to explain the elections results. Reminds me of Chaves, Look what happened to Venezuela. GOOD LUCK!

  6. Greetings dear muslim friends. As a Turk, I am so thankful for your best wishes from Somalia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco and many countries. It is a fact that you care about our country and respect our president more than some Turks. Some of traitor Turks argue with you, but most of them just the ones who occupied youtube, nothing more. The majority of Turkey love and respect Erdogan. I just want to say dont worry about it, dont dissapoint because of some traitor Turks. We never let Erdogan down. May Allah protect and rise Muslim Unity. Amin. 🇹🇷

  7. only GODLESS people dosent like erdogan, other wise christian, muslim, jews dosent matter, who realy belevie in god, and judgement day they love him,bz erdogan is hte best guy the world need today

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