‘Tiger Mother’ Amy Chua speaks to Channel 4 News

American law professor Amy Chua talks to Channel 4 News about her “tiger mother” methods of raising her children – now the subject of a controversial book.


38 thoughts on “‘Tiger Mother’ Amy Chua speaks to Channel 4 News

  1. Balance is so important. From experience, I have seen people damaged from the extremes of both the extreme Asian parenting and also the extremes of Western parenting too. Both need to be called into check.

  2. i think we have to respect how other people want to be parents.. so if she did it that way and it was ok for her, then good for her. But I disagree when she said western people Says to their children – oh if you hate or you are not good in Maths ,no problem we find something else …- Im sorry thats kind of ridiculous, Im from Europe and never saw or hear any parents saying somthing like that or many other things she mentioned.
    I must say that Sweden is probably one of the less strict western countries in education and is Probably one of the most successful countries Educationally.
    It is common in European universities to receive many students from China with great and impressive academic levels, but it is common to hear from profesors that in the social and working world they can be very different because they do not have great security in themselves and often have problems to the time to improvise or look for solutions under pressure.

  3. I was Asian tiger parented so brutally that even other Asian families were terrified of the daily rattan beatings I took. I was beaten like a Singapore criminal every single day with rattan dusters if I did the slightest thing wrong academically. It totally ruined my life, it stunted my growth and destroyed my memory and made me into an cortisol nervous wreck. I can’t function in life entirely properly because I cannot overcome the physical handicaps caused by excessive Asian tiger parenting. I’ve done my best to survive as a damaged adult, doing strange things to compensate for the irreversible damage. My parents today literally don’t remember inflicting the damage, but I did strike back with a variety of carefully thought out retaliations. Those moves worked, as I’m now in their good graces for the first time in my entire life. Now my
    parents sound a bit like Amy Chua, albeit with more haziness in feeling and expressing regrets than she did.

  4. what she said is SOOOOO true. my mother literally raised me exactly like this except the music lessons. I believe this parenting method is superior to the tradional 'western" parenting method.

  5. While I hear a lot about ambition, tiger moms and helicopter moms within Chinese and Korean topics, in Japanese parenting topics they only talk about sending their kids alone to school, be polite and kind to people and putting themselves into a group-oriented society where no one should just stand out.

  6. She is what my parents were when I was in school. Not exactly a tiger mom but one that instead of patting her child on the head, showed them a way to strengthen a weakness. My parents used to make hand written tests on all my weak subjects before making me practice on them. It really helps and once you get it you feel so much better. In a way it also taught me not to give up but to keep trying and practicing until you got it. They never forced me to do anything I didn't genuinely want to. Parenting at its finest

  7. lol honestly strict parents do that to get them ready for the real world. the real world wont be lilke awww its ok lets find u something else and we will help u. in the real world if you cant do the job, ur not wanted.

  8. My parents never forced me to do anything. When I was little, they allowed me to do what I wanted to do rather than making me do something I didn't want to do.
    At age 5, I decided to pursue music on my own and i absolutely loved it.

    Imo, giving kids the freedom to express themselves can really benefit them emotionally and mentally in the long run.

  9. I just finished her book two days ago and purchased the book The Triple Package. I can't wait to read it. In all honesty when I have children they won't be attending sleepovers either and I don't think I'd regret that. I started that book thinking that she was as nuts as her critics stated. Now, I would never call a child garbage much less state at a party that I called a child garbage. But you cannot refute some of the success that comes from asian parenting.

  10. So this woman keeps admitting that she nearly drove her kids away from her and made them miserable; but keeps insisting that she made all the right choices in parenting. The cognitive dissonance is literally dripping out of every orifice. Also, she claims to believe her children are inherently strong and smart, which would mean respect if she was telling the truth, but then regulates every bit of their behavior and spent years keeping them from having fun with friends. Again, just dripping with bullshit.

  11. My parents were American tiger parents like this lady and her husband. They set extremely high academic and behavioral expectations while being very loving and allowing me time to pursue my interests in art, archaeology, drama, creativity, etc. I am so incredibly grateful for this type of parenting! It has made me successful and internally motivated now as an adult.

  12. I think that's perhaps the most important admission at 8:59… on how the the choice of violin and piano for her kids are arbitrary and unnecessary. That's the root of what's the problem with Chinese "tiger parenting" — intolerance. Amy Chua looked down on other instruments out of her own prejudice. It is one thing to ensure what your kids work hard at whatever option they chose, but it is not appropriate to force the kids to work hard at something there is clearly have other alternatives. Imagine instead of musical instruments, we have career choices, how dangerous would that be? The kids would be paying the cost for the rest of their lives! Amy Chua is lucky that the crisis with her second daughter is over one extra curricular and not her career choice.

  13. a lot of black African immigrant's children do better in school and get into colleges more often than "African American" descended from slavery blacks and even white kids. Its really is an immigrant thing. Immigrants from asia are not an exception at all.

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