Trump clashes with EU over Iran sanctions

If the EU and the British Government want to keep trade flowing to protect the Iran nuclear deal, it doesn’t seem to be succeeding.

Donald Trump’s promise to hurt businesses that trade with Iran – by stopping them trading with the U.S – is already having an impact.

Daimler, the German truck and car giant, has already said it will pull out just hours after the U.S President reintroduced his sanctions and other companies are following suit.

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24 thoughts on “Trump clashes with EU over Iran sanctions

  1. Please let my wife come to the America President Trump. My life is depending on it. Please. They are good people. My wife is not a terrorist. It should not take ten years and all of my assets and resources to prove myself to my own lawmakers who's checks are payed by me and all hard working Americans and tax payers. Either you work for the bank or you work for the people. Please let me have my wife. We have worked our whole lives. We deserve to be able to have land, a safe home, a family. You said you were going to drain the swamp while the uscis and the national visa center are and dept of homeland security are bleeding my bank dry. Not to mention the agony of missing my wife and hearing her cry and not knowing and giving all my hard earned money to these organized criminals extorting me.

  2. EU is becoming a terrorist organization by supporting a terrorist country like iran, british people know it well that's why they got out. EU is robbing it own members and other countries just for few people to become more rich and then they blame U.S for it.

  3. Iran will be last of the middle east country the usa will hit rock bottom…war with iran will stop the usa bullying in the middle east and the fall of their military…the usa will go into a bigger debt…

  4. Trump is the best US president ever. He is doing his best to keep jobs for his own nation than importing cheap chinese trash. They work for $1 a day. . I am amazed at people disliking him. Europe is worried….can't you see? The American car industry is loosing against European, Korean, Japanese………cars. Soon you will all hunger…..I am looking for the day to see the downfall of the mullahs & Iranians who threw the shah out would do the same with these Pampers headed idiots!!!!!!!!! Oh for f..ks sake!

  5. The government treat there people the exact way Obama treated Americans. They always manage the steady decline of there countries population while there banks accounts get fatter.

  6. The US sanction is to prevent nuclear weapon program of Islamic Republic of Iran because it has an openly declared Agenda for expansion and imposition of Islam all over the world by subjugation and threat by virtue of it's possession of the said weapons. Risky indeed.

  7. IRAN called out for its nuclear ambitions and being reigned in. A nuclear threat to the MIDDLE EAST region. Free Iranian people from a hostile dictatorship regime wearing tea cloth turbans.

  8. Europe tries to keep the Nuk deal alive because the current Iranian regime brings a lot of benefit for European countries, there is no way this negotiation takes place as Iranian regime is combined of a bunch of uneducated, thieves, and trashes who try to build an empire by helping terrorist across the world, John Bolton is wasting his time for trying regime behaviors change, This regime invaded our country Iran for four decade that betrayed Iranian people by killing hundred thousand of patriot, stealing most resources, and creating a suffocating atmosphere during this period of time.

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