US journalist Steven Sotloff murdered by Islamic State | Channel 4 News

Islamic State militants release a video showing the beheading of US journalist Steven Sotloff.

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16 thoughts on “US journalist Steven Sotloff murdered by Islamic State | Channel 4 News

  1. It's not sad, it comes with job, just like mine, death is everyday, life and death and chosen profession go hand and hand. There is no mercy in meaning what an honest person says. Reporters are to blame for this tragic chapter in the battle of good vs good. There is no right.

    Shit like this happens in New York, Los Angeles, Juarez Mexico, and the Phillapenes; where the value of life is zero.

    Dear Media, American, German British and those all over this beautiful planet. Welcome to cause and effect. You make this planet what it is. The glory of getting the story, changing the heart and minds of a world is 60 % in the words you call reporting.

    This man died a hero, honor it, he died as a reminder to all to be honest, love one another never forget the ones whom love you. Cherish each moment.

    Here is my request to the killer, return the body so that he may be barried on American soil.

    In Jesus name.

  2. I feel bad for Steven Sotloff's mother.  Not only has she lost her son, she also believes in the lie that the prothug Muhammed "protected the People of the Book."  Well, the 800-something Jews from Medina that were beheaded by Muhammed in one day in 627 would beg to differ.

  3. Journalists beheading: Fake proof: (Just my opinion)

    Point 1) Both this journalist and the previous one reacted in the same way, no fear or tears, its like they are reading from the script.

    2) In all ISIS executions, the jihadists will scream "Takbir – Allahu akbar", I didn't hear one word of this in these fake executions.

    3) They always used guns and don't bother with cutting the videos, they show how they kill (Public execution). These beheading videos are completely different. 

    4) There are many other obvious points, I will leave it to others. 

  4. steven got his head taken off by the same rebels he went to syria to support with his shitty reports of assad killing civilians. steven now knows who the killers are. may he rest in piss next to anyone else who supports the "rebels"

  5. You have got to be joking! Not Twice!
    Bloody CIA. Where did you film this Arizona or Nevada.
    It's sheer crap and any one with half a brain can see that.
    This is not a video of ISIS beheading some one. This is a propaganda stunt by the US to rile up public fervor so that they can start yet another war.
    Give it up Obama. – You've been rumbled.

  6. Fekkin religion. So glad my parents never forced that on me, like it was forced on them. We can grow away from this shite.
    Just how many people have they kidnapped? We can't go in and have another war because the reason we have all this is because of the last one . I don't know what the answer is. It must be horrid to live there. We're so lucky where we live 

  7. if we blame religion .
      ISRAEL killed 2500 civilians by support of US and some EU countries ,
    in Gaza ,
    US and and some EU countries started confilict in syria  ,100000 people has been killed in syria ,

  8. we can not blame religion .
    we should know who create ISIS ,
    ISIS created by US , some EU countries and Saudi Arabia ,
    3 years ago trained the ISIS in jordan  support them financially and weaponry ,
    to fight against Bashat al Asad .in Syria ,
    but US plan has failed completely in SAYRIA !
    US and and EU can not win in Syria !


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