British Army joins social media fight | Channel 4 News

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It’s all about tweets, not bombs. The Army forms a new unit to wage modern warfare using psychology and social media. So have “likes” on Instagram become the battleground of choice?

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4 thoughts on “British Army joins social media fight | Channel 4 News

  1. Its so sad to see our neighbours follow the USA into OBLIVION. Stop invading other countries, stop murdering foreign citizens, and STOP SPYING AND DESTROYING PEOPLES PRIVACIES ONLINE! Only uneducated, unqualified political scum could come up with 'Troop Twits'…

  2. "Freed Kosovo from conflict in 1989" You would assume they would pick a better example than when they were funding Mujahideen operations in Kosovo. It's feels a hint of irony being the Iraq war was illegal and kind of caused ISIS, Afghanistan was a result of funding the mujahideen in the 70s so they clearly struggled to pick the one conflict they actually humanitarian intervened, were Muslims were on their side and the general public just like Syria is quite unaware we were also partially responsible for the upheavals.

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