Fighting extremism: anger inside British mosques | Channel 4 News

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When Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, said there was more to be done to show that “faith in Islam can be part of British identity”, he struck a raw nerve among Muslim leaders.

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11 thoughts on “Fighting extremism: anger inside British mosques | Channel 4 News

  1. Muslimes should be removed from all Western countries until Islam sorts itself out and disavows Jihad, Sharia law, the unity of mosque and state, the inequality of men and women, its supremacist nature, and its strive for world domination by any means. Only then should Muslimes be allowed to re-enter the civilized world – in limited numbers.

  2. 'the most offensive one' looks like a drawing of Muhammad blowing up?
    Sounds like a typical political cartoon to me if that is correct?

    Why can't they broadcast that?  Is channel 4 news Sharia compliant?


  3. It would be interesting to have a good look at the mosque bookstore and see exactly what books they carry and what those books say. I would be willing to bet sight unseen, that a large fraction of them would in fact demand sedition, Islamic manifest destiny and military defeat of the Christians, Jews and other non-muslims in the UK and converting it to sharia based rule. I can bet that because it is a mosque and all mosques teach that the Koran is the perfect unaltered word of their god Allah. The apparent fact that the Finsbury mosque has changed tactics does not mean it has changed ambition. Next tome Channel 4, send in someone who understands Islam.

  4. This cretins comments are worrying. I think now we can clearly see just how and why extremism has been allowed to grow like a cancer in their religion and where the lack of will to act comes from. They see everything as confrontational and are too immature to take criticism, admit responsibility or talk openly. This is the very attitude that normalizes extremism and makes a devil instead of those that have a right to disagree with something they flat out don't believe in. They say they have a right to believe. Where is our right to not believe and to express that conclusion? Since when did Islam become untouchable or our countries religion? Especially after it's atrocious behaviour.  

  5. So let me get this straight. We the British hate Muslims and Jews we were just told yesterday and need to do something about that. Meanwhile the religion who's extremists kill and murder us don't have to lift a finger….I see a problem here.

  6. Why do we non Muslim's, white or black need to see a constant narrative that plays the poor me card after they kill us? Funny how we suddenly become the ones that need to do more. Most people in this country don't have any issues with Muslims and were against the war and accusing a person because they voted for the party is a piss poor excuse. These people have extremists, killers, honour killers, wife beaters and child molesters in their own ranks and don't care. It is a problem for all yes but they are not OUR extremists, they are Muslim extremists, clean your own shit up or we will have to. Until they get off their hairy shit stained arse's and actually come out with a public plan for handling this and treat the people of this country, our way of life and police with the respect they deserve then they can shut the fuck up period. Or go live in Saudi Arabia or Iran where tbh their already exists an evil backwards medieval way of life called sharia. Oh that's right they wouldn't last 5 mins their cause they are pussies and love our freedom's too much.

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