Gaza conflict: eyes that symbolise suffering of children | Channel 4 News

Krishnan Guru-Murthy heads to the Gaza city of Raffah to see the widespread destruction and to cath up with three-year-old Niema, who was injured in an Israeli rocket attack.

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11 thoughts on “Gaza conflict: eyes that symbolise suffering of children | Channel 4 News

  1. Some people say that this horrible pictures we are watching is actually what Hamas wanted us to see, and then use this stupid excuse of "Hamas are using human shield", which I called them playing the "Human shield" card, when they know full well that Israel has used Palestinian as Human Shield before, what makes them think they won't do it again? This is just another stupid excuse that Israel and those who, shamefully, still justify the action of Israel, and we all know that killing civilian in any country is not acceptable, and there can be no excuse for that, let along killing children, so what them think Israel has done nothing wrong when they have indeed killed civilian?

  2. such a hypocrite.. Israel breaks agreements?! 4 agreements (at least) Signed by far, all were broken by Hamas. So many cease fire in this operation, broken by Hamas. Is she fucking kidding me?! She is a fucking liar! Keep on crying like you did so far but stop with the lying.. 

  3. It is good to see a follow-up on this little baby and I hope the Rafah crossing can be opened.  But, I do fear that the despicable israelis will force the continued siege and blockade, and won't allow Gazans in or out.
    I expect this to be the same as the truces from 09 and 2012;  Israel said they would agree to some lifting of the inhumane treatment of Gazans and all Palestinians, but not only did they not hold true to any of their words, if you look at the West Bank, E.Jerusalem, and now Gaza, Israel has simply STOLEN even more land as their own.
    And Palestine is supposed to simply accept this?  The international community had better wake up and get on the side of RIGHT.  Israel is not and never has been RIGHT.

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