The Week in Trump: Channel 4 News special report

This week we’re discussing Trump’s claims against the UK intelligence agency, GCHQ, more bumps in the road for the travel ban and how many times the President has visited the golf course.

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13 thoughts on “The Week in Trump: Channel 4 News special report

  1. President Donald J Trump Will Prove To The Greatest President Since Abe Lincoln & The Greatest World Leader Since Churchill.
    MSM Will Be Exposed For & Then Regret Their Elite, Globalist Mis Representation of Trump . Lies . Propaganda – Fake News .

  2. Trump is the best option. we have to protect American values and jobs and our christian country we are not Islam's dumping ground and shiria law will not dominate and destroy our value fucking child molester's child marriage you sick fucks will go to hell look it up check your precious Islam and Muslim religion

  3. immigration is destroying every country and people can visit countrys but need to leave and go back home the mixing of everyone and religions will cause civil war and will never work fools but the
    N.W.O. already knows that and you corrupt news fools could careless as long as you get a phony story

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