Prince Harry interview from Afghanistan | Channel 4 News

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Prince Harry gives his most candid interview yet as he returns from Afghanistan, including his views on the campaign, the press, his brother and those photos from Vegas.

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18 thoughts on “Prince Harry interview from Afghanistan | Channel 4 News

  1. I have the heist respect for this man. A lot of people who comment have never served or even thought of serving a cause bigger than themselves. The whore who took the photo in Vegas should be shot and pissed on. Soldiers do a hard mentally demanding job for the sake of others and he or we let off steam in a unconventional way at times.

  2. Lol,even harry knows phone bugging is a problem.atleast he can take his mind away from all the stress and strain of life at war with a good old game of fifa with the lads.good job old chap.

  3. I'm an American, but my father was Canadian so I probably have a little more emotional attachment to the British royalty than most Americans.  Of all the royals, my favorite is Prince Harry.  He seems so much more human than the rest and his work with the orphaned children of Africa is special.

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