Sri Lanka: new video evidence of government war crimes

Warning this report contains highly distressing images right from the start of death and sexual violence.

Mobile phone footage, independently authenticated showing soldiers apparently abusing dead female fighters, emerges from Sri Lanka.

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47 thoughts on “Sri Lanka: new video evidence of government war crimes

  1. British Tamil Forum is LTTE fundraising outfit. British government is in pocket of LTTE and Tamil diaspora. British did more war crimes on Srilanka and rapes. Bring British government to war crimes they did to their colonies.

  2. Seriously? What about the millions of war crimes da British has done? The British were lucky cz there were no developed video cameras to record dem!!! Or else dey would be answering for war crimes for eternity!

  3. Try more harder you international medias.where were you when ten thousedns of Sinhalese villages were killed by Tamil tigers.why because they were innocent and they dint have money to pay for your channels just like Tamil diaspora.

  4. MF Britsh have no rights to look any any of these allegation as BRITISH were the sole culrptis in bringing this cancer to this region – British have no moral authority to dig into any of these allegations – it is no brianer that this report though it mentioned atrocities by both parties – it is heavily biased against the sri lankan government – Both BRTISH and the fricken NORWAY are single handedly responsible for making both funds and armoury available to tamil tigers to carry out the war for 30 long years killing many innocent sri lankans- British & Norway being behind the killings and fuelling the killings have no moral authority to investigate any of these allegations – period. Take your dirty hand off !!

  5. If Pravakaran would not have gone wrong with eliminating our P.M Rajiv Gandhi . Today situation would have been different. Pravakaran was man of raw mind. He was not diplomat . He was a man of narrow mindedness. He put millions of Tamils in trough due his selfishness

  6. This is credible evidence of the behavior of the human animal, not this particular ethnic group. The broadcasters of this particular program have a history of heinous violence themselves that is on par or beyond the people they try to portray as evil. But, the truth is we all are the same when it comes to this behavior. This is how the human animal behave. Kill the enemy and take, rape or kill their children and women. Trying to convince ourselves we are better is the silly part with the help of stupid religions, cultures and other memes that we've created over last few thousand years.

  7. While we can all point fingers at each other, one thing we fail to do is accept our wrong. It was wrong to do what those soldiers did and the way they carried themselves disrespecting the dead and furthermore filming it on their phones. I can understand that we went through a civil war, but does it really take that long to carryout investigations ? I'm certain there were wrongs done to civilians on either side. We need to focus on moving forward as one nation, rather that causing anger and segregating the country.

    I hope change comes about to our paradise island that the people so very much deserve

  8. Channel 4 is funded by PRO LTTE people in UK, US and Europe . So obviously channel 4 is doing their favors for their sugar daddies. If I'm not wrong why channel 4 guys are not showing those saint LTTE guys' charities like Claymore attack on public transport buses and trains , Massacring then border villages to their so called "Peelam" and many more ( )
    One more thing I have to say to these pathetic LTTE terrorists is "you reap what you sow"

  9. Ltte tamil tigers was the most fearful terror group ever. killing tons of thousands of innocent sri lankan civilians and force their own civilians to carry a gun to battle with government forces … those people in this video were taking the same orders ineligible for those tamil civilians.

  10. yes its true.sri lankan army killed people in north.but LTTE didn't kill any civilian in south.they gave foods,money to sinhala people.they protect tamil .there are no child soldiers in LTTE,they didn't take money from tamils for the war.the LTTE developed the jaffna is looks like london.thank you…😜😜😜

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