Cereal cafe stops interview over price questions | Channel 4 News

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UK’s first cereal cafe opens its doors in Brick Lane, London – but can everyone afford it?

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36 thoughts on “Cereal cafe stops interview over price questions | Channel 4 News

  1. Lol this is too funny. Liberal hipsters get triggered straight away. And look at all the Libsters on here getting all defensive about a cereal cafe which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. You guys are so entertaining

  2. What a terrible interview someone opens a cereal cafe journalist has a bowl of cereal and then criticises owner for opening in a poor area as a customer you just wouldn't go inside and buy owner did right in telling him off it was lousy broadcasting

  3. Ignoring the whole gentrification and over priced argument, what is so special about a restaurant that serves cereal, "CEREAL". I mean you can just go to the supermarket buy any cereal you want and milk and make it yourself. it's not like your cooking it, are people now in days that lazy & have that much money.

  4. It’s called running a business and this country runs on free market capitalism. I don’t see you going to a gourmet burger restaurant and asking why they charge 10 quid for a burger. But you’re grilling this guy over the price he charges for cereal and making him feel like shit for being an entrepreneur. You scumbags in mainstream media give the banks a free pass, covered up for elite pedos and continue to bend the knee for your corporate sponsors. Shame on you channel 4, our country is built on small business and entrepreneurship. It’s not overpriced. If you can’t afford it you can buy a box of cereal and eat it at home but American imported cereal is 10 quid a box.

  5. You wont be complaining when the yuppies move in and the value of your property goes up be 300%, will you.

    Open a stall and start charging £10 for instant noodles and veg, as all the business savvy Brixton locals have been doing.

  6. I think the interviewer is looking at this like, oh it's pricey for a bowl of cereal, which is true, but you're also paying for the experience, the novelty, and the extras. If you can't afford it, you won't go there, simple.

  7. They opened a business and your hating on them…if people can't afford then they don't buy. I'm sure these guys had done their market research and saw their was a population of people who would. The interviewer is an all round dickhead

  8. The guy has a point, 3.50 for breakfast is super cheap around there. Most places charge at least five quid for a bacon sandwich/2.50 for a coffee. It's also cereal you can't normally get in the UK. This isn't the type of place I would go to but people should chill the fuck out.

  9. "you won't necessarily have something like this for breakfast" and "American cereal"- really? so how is it any different from the cereal you buy at a supermarket? and I bet all cereal is American supported, anything with sugar in it….America want the whole world to be hooked to sugar, goes hand in hand with capitalism. Keep people obese

  10. The owner handled the interview interview really badly, it's not like his silly cereal cafe is the only place in tower hamlets where you can buy cereal. normal people just go to tesco or something

  11. I think its unfair to ask them about their prices. Every other shop should be asked the same question. They are only doing their job. If you don't like their prices than you know where to go.

  12. Why does everyone have to afford it??? There's something called TESCO. I really don't get the point of this interview. AND I can't believe companies employ retards like this. So rude. Working for channel 4 he clearly has no idea how a business runs. Poor thing.

  13. Wtf man. These dudes are importing cereals from all over the world and giving you the chance to taste them. Moreover, their shop/cafe is really nice, and they have made a bunch of original cereal cocktails. And then you go in there telling them it's expensive. It's called paying for the experience you dumbass, you should be ashamed of yourself for such a dumb question. I literally can't believe you asked that question,.

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