Fear and anger among Birmingham’s Muslim community

Assed Baig reports on the mood among the community in the city in the aftermath of the government’s decision to extend its bombing campaign to Syria.
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40 thoughts on “Fear and anger among Birmingham’s Muslim community

  1. You're missing the point but where he says about Christian shooting at Christians in America yeah it's wrong but in the Bible it don't tell Christians in to each other that's not learning a religion but I wonder what the Quran tells people marrying 9 year old girls beheaded in honour killing killing yourself to get 50 virgins I hope you all get 50 men lol

  2. I think the concentration camps wouldn't do No Harm. Just shut up your religion is just a disease and it's spreading Tommy Robinson was right all along because you're turning the country a disaster Zone like your own countries it's not England no more

  3. No more muslims stop segregating yourselfs. Us British who have been here for 100s of years have built up our country and worked hard so others can exploit it so we have less.🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. what do they want in Europe and US? we are infidels and not Muslims. why would they use our resources and yet insult us? you know better that it's never ended-up just insulting. they rape and kill according to their sharia and God's orders and yet they are free to do anything they want. we need to put them in them cage or kick them out if they can't behave normal.

  5. Most Muslims are born here now. This is their country just as much as it is ours.

    Haters are defined by hate. They are full of hate. They are bad as each other. (Hidden racists)

    This land belongs to the Celts. So Saxons pack your bags too.

  6. Hey channel 4 , i wonder how these interviews would have gone if Cathy Newman was the interviewer , not this guy how looks to be of middle eastern origin? I'd be thinking you guys were playing it safe , Newman wouldn't feel safe for too long around those parts of Birmingham.

  7. Shariah law says they should follow the law of the land they need to REMEMBER THAT. If they don’t like it over here then please be our guest…. bye 👋🏽 DICKHEADS

  8. The should be glad we haven't extended our bombing campaign to them personally. The problem with Islam is that violence, conquest, cruelty and weird laws are built into it.

  9. Not all Muslims are evil! Just some crazy headed pschyco ones are! It's an religion like other's but some of them crazy ones are trying to be cool and become gangs. Honestly Muslims agree with you that the crazy Muslims must be stopped. The Quran is all about peice and love, not violence.

  10. Ummm own country yurr alligance is to allah and Islam,so stop pretending to be Brits u imposters-the politicians can promise you a place in Britain but the ppl want nothing to do with Islam or its followers

  11. Dear Muslims … I have never heart that a suicide bomber called any other god figure … shortly before triggering his body-bomb … than … "ALLAH" (!) … WHY IS THAT ?!? …
    Have anybody else heart any suicide-bomber … throughout the whole world … shouting e.g. "JESUS Akbar" …
    And where are the international arrest-warrants for all the muslim-imams calling out all these awful death-fatwas?!? …
    Dear muslims … if you want to reach the social status of an engineer in any european society … you should better become one … by receiving an university diploma ! … and by the way … you should learn more than the nations language you are living in … you should also study history … specifically that of the great european enlightment ! … because THAT is the foundation of all european culture !
    And … if you would like to become a real person of a modern 21. century … means … a citizen of a secular enlightend society … well … then you should put aside any religion and become a atheist believing just in humanism, as defined with the first french constitution … named "human rights" …

  12. The beardie presenter says " What I find is young Muslims struggling to find acceptance in
    their own country""…… it's NOT their own fucking country, it's ours, Beardie. They want to
    conquer it, to leech off of it, to slyly defraud it, and rape and plunder the kuffir until it becomes like the corrupt failed state shitholes they or their parents couldn't leave as soon as they

  13. There's no place for them in the civilized world..go back n live ur backwards way of life..like u have for 4000 yrs ..without the west u all would still be in fucking tents.so be is go back..we insist…oh n the civilized world thanks you

  14. If you go somewhere with your friends and they do something stupid, you would still say sorry for their behavior. If you don't means you're ok with it. Same rule applies to them

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