Jimmy Savile: audio of an unpleasant encounter | Channel 4 News

Tape has emerged which appears to be a recording of one of the late Jimmy Savile’s off-air conversations with a young woman. Some viewers may find parts of this report distressing.

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48 thoughts on “Jimmy Savile: audio of an unpleasant encounter | Channel 4 News

  1. The Lord surely pours his wrath on those who damage children. For those who even entertain those thoughts, woe to you. But it's never too late to repent. The Lord loves you regardless, He can make things bearable for you.

  2. That newsman hit the nail on the head when he asked the good saville or the bad.There were two the one capable of tremendous good and tremendous evil This behavior mirrors his real aim do both with no recognition of either only the magnitude of the actions are considered.Its about duality and belief that both good and bad have to take place in order for both to exist.It is an occult religious practice and saville considered himself a master of the craft.It was the basis of his life.Saville believe he is practicing universal laws dictated by higher spiritual forces.In this philosophy that determines behavior one must do both to be of service to those forces.Morality as we understand it is abandoned and replaced by this duality of purpose.Its called in Some quarters the law of reversal and what they do in following this religion only has consequences in universal spiritual realms not the here and now that the rest of us live in.This is my take on it.I may be wrong but at it core it's saville picking up the torch of Alister Crowley.God help us all if it is adopted by a larger segment of the population.At times I think it already has been implemented by larger and larger members of society.If this is indicative of. the age of Aquarius we all must be aware of the jug we drink from.

  3. Never liked him he always looked like someone evil', its the eyes they tell a million stories. I wouldn't have left my kids in a room with it. I don't know how other people didn't notice the creepy vile pig.

  4. It is so easy to have an answer when we look back, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I hope and pray that future generations will have learned from this, Jimmy Saville's generation. LEARN and SPEAK UP!

  5. He percured young boys from state homes for Ted heath they were brough on to his boat and never got off, Jill Dando found out about the pedophile ring in the BBC and we know what happened to her poor woman,

  6. All coming out of the woodwork now. Heard comments from 'I knew he was like that' to 'Yeah I heard rumours when I worked at the BBC'. But was it investigated? No.

    They can come out with all the excuses under the sun, the fact remains he got away with this for so long at the hands of people who didn't want this exposed for monetary and popularity reasons.

    What about the celebs that now state they knew what was going on and said nothing at the time? Can't help but be outraged at the gaul of these people. They should be asked why they kept quiet and did nothing. What perplexes me is that they seem ok to say they knew yet did nothing. Where's the accountability.
    Shame on them.

  7. Come on back in those days ie 70's and before…child abuse was prolific in this country, no body took it seriously. When children came forward, they were interrogated like criminals…of course people knew what was happening but no one cared.

  8. 6:18 : Alleged Child crime investigated by private detectives who are helping the police? Sure, the police department is not able to do it. From previous cases, we know how venal, corrupt privates can be.
    We had a former French policeman turned into a drug dealer and porn film director-producer who raped dozens of very young women —so badly they had to be hospitalized. But when you still have friends with guns or in high places, nobody will fulfill a complaint…

    The victims allowed the investigative journalists to record their testimonies on condition of anonymity.

  9. November 5th should be changed from Guy Fawkes nIght to Jimmy Savile night. It should be a night when effigies of this disgusting creature should be burned on bonfires all over the land…

  10. I grew up in the 60's and 70's…the presenters of top of the pops, to me were ugly old unattractive men….why didn't they get good looking young people to present the shows….Saville and tony Blackburn, and Steve wright turned my stomach.

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