Meet Bruce Lee, king of Romania’s tunnel underworld

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Channel 4 News meets the people living underground in tunnels beneath Romania’s capital Bucharest, abandoned by society to a life of drug addiction and shocking conditions.

Behind the scenes:

A life lost in Romania’s tunnels:

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42 thoughts on “Meet Bruce Lee, king of Romania’s tunnel underworld

  1. Romania is a beautiful country , its the government fault that they let people live like this , there should be help or solution this problem. Not everyone lives like this in Romania but poverty is everywhere.

  2. Maybe uk has better conditions than romania,we all could be the same but…romania has the worst politicians ever…the monthly allowance they gave us is under 20 bucks(PER CHILD)…. and romanians avarage sallary is between 500-600..yea.. and the european founds are taken by our politicians…they want to have a good rich life and no duties for our country..(sorry for my english ) but yea this is it… we live in 2018..

  3. Dirty fucks…strong scenes?…Distressing?…this video should NOT exist…Still voting?!!…YOU ARE SOVEREIGN LOOK IT UP…Sick,bad,corrupted GOVERNMENT, puppets of EVIL… is keeping the people poor and ignorant..Still voting?!?.

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