‘My father was a Hamas leader, I was an Israeli spy’ | Channel 4 News

Traitor or hero? – you decide. Israeli spy Mosab Hassan Yousuf, son of a founder of Hamas, explains his dramatic switch of loyalties.

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20 thoughts on “‘My father was a Hamas leader, I was an Israeli spy’ | Channel 4 News

  1. All arabs are triators and tyrants not only him.
    One person with the right Akidah or believe like Omar bin Khatab had managed to free Al aksa and paliestine but now we have billions useless arabs fighting against eachother but are slack and sue to free the palestinians people from the brutalities of the israeli govt.

  2. Mosab is truly an INSPIRATION..he lived through Islamic indoctrination then saw the LIGHT..this young man deserves the NOBEL PRIZE..been watching many of his videos and feel so inspired by this very brave young man..have shared his videos with many of my family, friends and community at large and encourage others who have listened to this amazing young man to do likewise..God bless, guide & protect you Mosab and THANK YOU for your inspiring videos!!!👍👌👏👏👏👏👏

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