Abortion is a ‘private matter between woman and doctor’ | Channel 4 News

Local resident Lyndall Stein tells Channel 4 News that she was “disgusted” that anti-abortion protesters were demonstrating outside her GP clinic. She says when she lived in the US, doctors were “intimidated”.

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44 thoughts on “Abortion is a ‘private matter between woman and doctor’ | Channel 4 News

  1. Going to a clinic as a patient and living in the area is not an argument or a reason to kill babies! My wife and I met when we were teenagers and she got pregnant twice even though she was on the pill. We later came to understand that it was because of her cycles and other hormonal reasons that the pill was not effective on her. So the whole decision to go and get an abortion is not per say a walk in the park but to say that the decision is somehow difficult and implying that people that have to make those decisions are to be justified is absolutely dishonest or totally ignorant. After several years, we came to understand that it was pure selfishness and aside from the immorality of it, it also changed or should I say made things worse in our lives because that selfishness infiltrated all other areas of our lives. Life is about meaning, not happiness or recognition or consumerism or looks or anything that society makes you believe. After getting pregnant again, we decided this time that we would keep the baby and went on to start our family of two boys and two girls. We had a good time with all four of them and have been married for over 27 years and together for almost 33 now. But the whole thing would have been even greater had we understood and made better choices. Instant gratification, choices based primarily on feelings of fear, shame, and the like turn out to be the wrong ones, every time. Now you can forgive yourself​ and ask for forgiveness but you can't bring them back to life and the ramifications of those choices go far whether you acknowledge​ it or not.

  2. Planned Parenthood needs to be stopped immediately, the tray of dismembered Fetuses, also have eggs, and making love the day of an abortion gives the sperms a direct order to perform incest and necrochildmolestation by activating the conception of other neighbor's progeny as well as the person who has sinned as well. The death tray at those slaughterhouses are in effect, causing more abortion than just one generation, but two. Can we honestly live parallel to a place that permits the destruction of posterity, and allows each other to molest and destroy without limit or control the children of neighbors, which may also include a fertile mother's and a fertile daughter's child laying dead side by side with the sperm of strangers? Follow me, i am the savior of Humanity. Save all the MicroscopicBabies, Godspeed.

  3. Hitler was gassing millions of Jews during WWII. Someone complains – hey he shouldn't be killing anyone! Person responds, why should you care? It's between him and his advisors. Stay out of it!

    Man is beating his wife. Another woman complains – hey, you should not be doing that! Man responds, why should you care, it's between me and my wife!! Get lost!

    Do any of these situations make any sense whatsoever? No, of course not. Ditto to the "logic" displayed here.

  4. "Women have a right to do what they want with their own bodies."
    The fundamental problem with this objection is that it assumes that laws against abortion are primarily concerned with what a woman can and cannot do to her own body. But they are not. Why? Ask yourself a simple question: how many brains does a woman have? One. But how many brains does a pregnant woman have? Still one. The woman's body is not the issue in abortion: the baby's body is. The developing fetus has a complete set of human DNA different than the mother's. It has its own circulatory system, its own brain, its own fingers and toes and arms and legs. If it is a male, it even has a different gender than the mother. Therefore, the fetus is clearly not just 'part of the woman's body'. Laws against abortion aren't telling a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body; they are telling a woman what she can and cannot do with someone else's body.

  5. the deliberate killing of an unborn child can never be justified It’s not good for women to go through the procedure and have something living sucked out of your bodies. It belittles women — even though some women say, ‘Oh, I don’t mind to have one.’ Every time a woman has an abortion, it just crushes her self-esteem, smaller and smaller and smaller. But I could never stand outside clinics and do that

  6. Of course this old, pro-abortion HAG would support abortion. She's probably had MULTIPLE abortions herself! Notice, how this old HAG cannot even look at the pictures of the aborted babies! Selfish old Biddy! It's amazing to me how people who were born love to discriminate against those who are unborn! It's so easy to be pro-abortion, when you're not the one being killed! Judgment day is coming for this world and those women who selfishly killed their unborn children and do not repent of that sin, WILL be judged by God! But that's their problem, not mine. They made their "Choice."

  7. What's an outrage is that no one is fighting for the babies who are being murdered not "aborted", they Smith baby with fetus and murder with abortion, can't fool us with word play. How come this lady is not fighting for the right of the baby, they want to keep it private because they know deep down inside it's wrong

  8. It's NOT private when it's 7 million babies deep. Grow up, it is NOT your body, a fetus is a child whether you like it or not that is a fact. Fetus means little small child. If the facts are so real why does it bother the conscience? Abortion IS murder plain and simple. There is no way around it and saying " it's my right, or it's MY choice doesn't cut it. It's NOT your body, NOT your choice and NO ONE decides if another human being should live or not. End of story!

  9. Yeah the protestors look really scary, lol… People know deep down they are killing a baby and just don't want their consciences pricked…All the protestors (if you want to call them that) are doing is providing the option to women on the way to have an abortion (which many later regret) to consider the alternatives such as adoption etc. The money making abortion mills like BPAS have a vested interest to get left wing media outlets like C4 to propagate their lies.

  10. I completely agree but if that link isn't currently there when the person goes for information on adoption then what are they going to do they will pick what is available in that darkest hour I think in this sense more should be spent on counciling to give people another option. I do not think that standing outside a doctor's surgery is the right idea or making it illegal is the best way to get rid of this issue because as people have said in Ireland those who cannot afford to go to England for an adoption use a coat hanger and that just throws all sorts of medical issues into the mix. This is a tough topic to discuss so it should be discussed more often without being hateful. What do you think

  11. This is a matter that will continuously divide people. The photo is fake all you need to do is pick up a book of pregnancy development. Abortion for the mother is traumatic and so upsetting. No woman goes to an abortion clinic for kicks its something that they have thought long and hard about and in all circumstances they have thought of how they can provide for that child and how that child will view their own life. When a future mother sees a hole in front of her that she cannot get over the harm she could do to that child by having it is too much. No one has the right to say that another person should not have a procedure because they do not agree with it. Rather then opposing abortion through what is clearly intimidation why not provide help and a bridge to the other side for those who feel that they have no choice but to do this.

  12. People have right to protest against abortion, but should be focused on doing so through legislation, not harassing women about to undergo it, or harming those providing it.

  13. What I find more disgusting is the idea that the state thinks it is ok to murder the unborn. I find that far more disgusting and outrageous than "these people" daring to disagree with you and engage in peaceful protest outside an abortion clinic. Surely abortion, as a highly contentious moral issue involving the life of the unborn, is something which needs rigorous debate and discussion, shutting down debate with slanderous accusations and strenuous attempted links between hypocritical murdering "pro-lifers" only suggests fear of debating this issue.

  14. When you think about this, it probably hurts this older lady more then the protesters , her generation fought for women's rights and it must actually hurt her to see women fighting to have less rights , can't imagine how this feels .

    If you truly care for the unborn care for the living . Not life .

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