Auschwitz remembered 70 years on – Humanity at its most inhumane | Channel 4 News

On the eve of commemorations marking 70 years since the Auschwitz death camp was liberated, Matt Frei talks to survivors and the grandson of the camp commander.

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17 thoughts on “Auschwitz remembered 70 years on – Humanity at its most inhumane | Channel 4 News

  1. After the war the Soviets remodeled the morgue at Auschwitz by demolishing its internal walls, cutting holes in its roof and building a tall fake chimney to its rear. This building was passed of as authentic until a French magazine revealed its true history in 1995. 

    People are thrown in prison for question the holocaust. The truth does not fear investigation.

  2. I hope the people who had the great misfortune of visiting this place until their death are most peaceful now. its truly disturbing that an idea made it this far for so long for without being stopped by the inner compassion people are believed to all have. Adolf hitler is the only person i wish went though the combined torture of all the people he put though this. I feel sorry for the grandson of the auschitz leader too and i hope he doesnt feel like he is responsible for any of what happened this highlights why people should be treated as individuals. All of you rest in peace.

  3. "Mans evil towards man" is a wonderful quote. One of the most confusing discussion in recent times is the meaning of the words at the camp gates main Entrances. After conducting extensive research on this matter if "hard work will set you free" the true meaning a way to understand this and avoid confusion is too think of the phrase in relvance to "Billionaires with empty less pockets".

  4. For years i have been trying to understand what would drive people to give up their humanity and to commit such unspeakable crimes but then i realized that trying to get inside the heads of mad men is utterly futile.

    Let these crimes never be forgotten and to show our children that they never need to go though these things again. 

  5. "..Here is ..silence of ..grave. ..Rumbuli ..Riga ..Bikernieki ..Salaspils ..Klooga ..Ponary ..Babi Yar ..Majdanek ..Treblinka ..Auschwitz. Thousands and thousands of cities and towns stained with blood. I rise from among you silent martyrs ..old men ..babies ..fathers ..mothers ..husbands ..wives ..brothers ..sisters  ,,brides ..grooms ..children ..youths. ..slaughtered by ..millions ordered me to tell of what happened. I hear your cries ..screams ..thousands strong thunder of your feet running to ..grave ..your last word .."Remember". I swear by ..memory of you your blood which slaked cruel spaces your ashes scattered over ..smoke of your bodies rising from ..crematoriums ..I swear to you ..I will tell them ..everything that I saw ..who killed you ..who betrayed you. I will not permit anyone to slander you or say it was someone else. I was with you at ..executioner's block till ..last minute. Your blood flows in my veins ..your ashes throb in my heart. I swear to tell ..Truth ..nothing but ..Truth."  Frida Michelson.

  6. I had tears tumbling down my cheeks watching that, I lost it when the black and white footage of all those little children came on. It really doesn't seem possible that humankind could be this wicked. RIP to all the victims x

  7. There needs to be a definitive study of this place and that time. just to put the deniers and doubters out of the debate. Every youtube video l have watched on this subject has them. They are loud and they are disturbing. 

  8. So she was 14 and said she was 18 and she survived because 18 year olds could work yet her mother was 'sent to the gas chamber'. Was her mother about 35-40? – clearly too old to work. Then she saw her mother sitting on the floor of the gas chamber. How's that possible? Was there a window? Then there wasn't enough gas so the Germans burned her to death. Would that be in the crematorium then? Was there a window there too? 

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