Sir Richard Branson on the Virgin Galactic crash | Channel 4 News

Sir Richard Branson speaks to Jon Snow about the Virgin Galactic crash and hits back at the British press for their reporting of the incident.

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9 thoughts on “Sir Richard Branson on the Virgin Galactic crash | Channel 4 News

  1. Several senior aerospace engineers repeatedly voiced fears over the design of SpaceShipTwo and the safety protocols surrounding its testing. In addition three senior Virgin Galactic executives – the vice-presidents in charge of propulsion and safety, and the chief aerodynamics engineer – had all quit the company in the months leading up to the crash, again apparently over grave safety concerns.

  2. all the commentator is trying to explain to branson is that he should have worked with NASA that he's a space amateur, and he should work with the professionals… i mean sending people into space is pretty serious

  3. Dear Sir Richard Branson,
    Please be advised the U.S. gov will continue to cause your spaceships to crash. They don't want you up there because the truth will come out concerning aliens. Tighten your security. Trust no one. You are a true hero.

  4. John Snow quotes a complete nobody in rocket science – Branson Quotes 400 of the very BEST people in rocket science working for him. All the media and people speculating are complete nobodies out of their depth.

  5. Well, looks like Chan4 has issues with just about everything linked to capitalism, I wonder if Chan4 donates all its profits to the poor? Or could they too be a capitalist company?

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