The disabled army hero bullied by his superiors | Channel 4 News

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He lost two legs and an arm in Afghanistan but was still keen to recover and get back to his battalion. But when Tom Neathway got there he faced bullying from his superiors.

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10 thoughts on “The disabled army hero bullied by his superiors | Channel 4 News

  1. Army are fucking wankers!! in this day and age it happened to me in 95 in ATR Lichfield and the corprels involved and one or to sergeants involved got away with it that's all I can say it all fucking stinks and all because I was a Welsh man and there was a paratrooper involved as well to be honest after my experience these paratroopers are all wankers!! and big headed bastards at that to I just got to put it down to a very bad experience I know suffer depression and PTSD and anxiety

  2. I served with the Royal Artillery from 1974 to 1985. During the first year of training, I was also bullied as I was very thin and weak. Once I joined my Regiment no more bullying.
    But I've seen a lot. Soldiers from rough upbringing were bullies to the weaker soldiers. It was the bullies who would get promoted first. The only option for those being bullied, was to leave the Army. I saw many fine and intelligent soldiers leaving because of this.. I enjoyed being in the Army, but the bullying was the worst part. Nothing was ever done to stop it. If anything it the bully would be seen as the better soldier and soon become the NCOs

  3. Our soldiers should get half a million pounds per missing limb as compensation for there sacrifices
    They do a great job and a hard job and deserve to be rewarded for there hardships

  4. Have veterans UK seeing me tomorrow regarding this very issue, plus also to discuss my discharge given new medical evidence found on a recent MRI spinal scan. Some ASMs/NCO's  are bullies so I hope I get my karma.

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