Israeli PM causes controversy over French-Jewish emigration comments | Channel 4 News

French political writer, Dominique Moisi, tells Channel 4 News that it is up to Jewish people in France to declare they are French, after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered to increase Jewish emigration from Europe to Israel.

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7 thoughts on “Israeli PM causes controversy over French-Jewish emigration comments | Channel 4 News

  1. 35 million Jews worldwide vs 1.5 billion muslims. Yet muslims behave like they're an oppressed minority who only want to subjugate women, silence free speech and kill all infidels apostates blasphemers homosexuals etc.
    All muslim lives combined are worth exactly one pigs turd. 🐷
    Muslims have hijacked Jewish religous sites like Temple Mount and Abrahams tomb and violently attack Jews and Judaism around the world.
    Islam is a violent intolerant death cult, ALL muslims believe infidels apostates blasphemers adulterers homosexuals etc. deserve to burn in hellfire.
    When your role model is a violent intolerant paedophile schizophrenic rapist murderer illiterate arab fake prophet like mohammed it makes sense muslims are violent intolerant brainwashed oxygen thieving retarded inbred pussies.
    If I was enslaved in a death cult like Islam taught to hate infidels apostates blasphemers homosexuals from birth onwards I would be an angry inbred violent intolerant brainwashed muslim pussy too.
    Fortunately I'm one of the 6 billion non-Muslims on Earth who wipe there asses with bullshit hateful books like the Quran 🚽.
    It's obvious Islam is incompatible with democracy, freedom, free speech, equality of sexes, education etc.
    The sooner Islam and muslims are eradicated from the world the better off humanity will be.

  2. Why would anyone want to move to Israeli?
    Some 95 per cent of Israelis are pessimistic – and who can blame them!

    Israel has not signed up to any international human rights treaties, making it impossible for Israelis to appeal against human rights abuses.

    A poll taken in November 2014 found that 95 per cent of Israelis are pessimistic about their future, with one in four in poverty having contemplated suicide.

    Over 800,000 children are in poverty – the official UN poverty line is USD 7 per day. Over a third of Israelis are on or below the poverty line.

    Freedom to leave Israel is often denied to citizens, turning them into hostages in their own country. (Israel conceded to the UN that 30,000 citizens are prevented from leaving the country every year but unofficial figures are much higher.)

    Israel is viewed unfavorably according to a recent poll in Europe, placing it on a par with North Korea.

    Corruption in Israel in on the rise, and the country ranks 24 out of 37 in the OECD’s corruption index. Real corruption is much higher.
    Wages are the lowest in the OECD.

    Contact centers for child are six times higher than in any other developed country, implying that children are at more risk in Israel than in any other country in the developed world.

  3. What an Idiot! This conflict has absolutely NOTHING to do with France! This entire conflict is between the Jews and the Muslims, which, thanks to poor immigration standards by the French Gov't, has been imported into a once peaceful and peace loving Nation such as France. 

  4. ridiculous to compare Russia with Egypt and Turkey re press freedom
    no mention of violent Western foreign policy in ME
    no mention of Western support of reactionary Islamists in Libya, Syria
    no mention of US/UK/France doing big business with Saudis, who sponsor much of reactionary Islamist movements in world..

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