Jeremy Paxman interviews Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn face questions from Jeremy Paxman on the big issues of the 2017 General Election, hosted by Sky News and Channel 4.

Theresa May interviews commences at 16:39.

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38 thoughts on “Jeremy Paxman interviews Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May

  1. oh mankind and people of britain listen…

    we have enough money to build weapons of mass destruction, yet we don't have enough money to keep people away from hunger. I believe both parties are corrupt to be honest because ultimately they both take us to wars, unjust wars and create a world of hate and people from across the world hate us, more americans but we are next.

  2. This Jeremy Paxman, Is nothing but an instigator of negligent and biased propagandist agenda. Yes everyone has a biased, however instead of being a journalist this person, is doing nothing more than trying to use or'wellian double speak to try and proliferate negative sentiment. Not only that he is flat out refusing to let him respond properly. I would have walked away, JC is actually doing the best thing for this situation., calm collected and conscise. and im not a JC supporter. Im not even a labour or conservative supporter

  3. Israel, USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia etc… all kill innocent women and children. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t negotiate with them, I think that’s a pretty stupid point.

  4. What is your name?
    Jeremy C…

  5. The majority of the discussion with Corbyn was Paxman asking questions about why Corbyn's personal views aren't in the manifesto and Corbyn explaining the simple logic that it's not a Jeremy Corbyn manifesto it's the LABOUR PARTY manifesto and Paxman seeming to not understand that.

  6. Corbyn makes me believe in Labour party …. TB made Labour 'Diet Tory'… Aka worse than full sugar Tory as it is pretending 2 b 'for the working person' yet reneged on stopping exorbitant payday loans (panorama)… They increased…. He said 'education, education, education'…. Yet introduced uni fees 4 1st time ever! He sold off school land/playing fields etc. He allowed 'colleges' sell education 2 unqualified people, get them private loans and gain little 2 no education…. Did gov't tax payer give-aways 2 corporations eg ppps give 10% profit 2 companies eg energy costs that usually get 4-7% profit! Many private cos and 'charities' 2 help move people out of low cost housing in UK….2 sell it off…. As 4 taxpayers subsidising landlords + corporations by paying housing benefit 2 low paid workers raises housing costs a d keeps wages low and enables the wealthy landowner 2 stay wealthy….

  7. Jeremy Corbyn lives in a bubble, he is a waking Dreamer and what he says has no basis in reality. everyone is out for them self and for what they can get. people play games for that advantage including Jeremy. Talk is cheap.

  8. Paxman is a complete blithering idiot, who shows the bias of the media. Utterly scolds Steptoe in an ardent brusque manner. And yet gives Maybot a free ride & a lollipop. He must have Dementia.

  9. To Jeremy Paxman: interrupting people every 20 seconds won't make you a sharp-minded nor an unbiased ("look how I'm the voice of the people") presentator. It's just REALLY rude and leads to nothing concrete (how to develop an argument then..?).

  10. This is what i love about interviews, the interviewer screaming continuously at the interviewee then getting even more frustrated when they don't answer a question. For fucks sake, is this what is classed as journalism these days? Sensationalised and manufactured outrage.

  11. The mainstream media is at it again, attacking and chastising Jeremy Corbyn and the Left. We all know that all the top officials in the BBC are all Tories and so are ITV and Sky News as wel. The right-wing establishment has control of the media, and they spent all their time trying to smear Corbyn yet he still ended up with 30 more seats after the election!

  12. Jeremy Corbyn calling Jeremy Paxman "Jeremy" by name must sound so awkward. Luckily, there aren't many Kurdish-Americans where I live so I'll likely never meet someone with the same first name as me lol.

  13. I can't stand Theresa May, she's the worst PM ever. Her capitulation to the EU is an utter betrayal, but Labour would be worse. There's no way Kier Starmer & Co will let us leave the EU, regardless of what Jeremy Corbyn wants.

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