Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen on their bromance | Channel 4 News

They’ve been performing Waiting for Godot on Broadway – now they’re about to star together in the latest X-Men film. Cathy Newman meets Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

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20 thoughts on “Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen on their bromance | Channel 4 News

  1. 2:33 such a …(im not swearing in any of this two gentlemen video).. .rude interviewer! Basically telling them to shut up their infinite wisdom and go back to talk about film gossip :/

  2. Hopefully in the same silly vein as i have heard those two speak on my binge watching. I noticed the Interviewer mentioned the difference in their holding the paper. Patrick Stewart used the word "upright" and Sir Ian McKellen held his "Horizontal" .Thinking on how those two would react if it that was mentioned I think they would laugh. Patrick Stewart is the "Upright" man where as Sir Ian Mckellen is ? A silly remark i heard one person mention is that when crossing the street he never goes "straight" but he will go forward. Lol, I just love the way these two play with words.

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