Brian Cox returns to Dundee for yes campaign | Channel 4 News

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The Hollywood star returns to his roots to make an impassioned plea for Scots to vote yes in next week’s independence referendum.

The leaders on the referendum result:
Alex Salmond:
David Cameron:
Alistair Darling:

Poll reaction from Scotland:

Coverage of the campaign trail:

ODN’s independence referendum recap:

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4 thoughts on “Brian Cox returns to Dundee for yes campaign | Channel 4 News

  1. Looks like his main argument was about rich vs poor, how is independence supposed to cure the fact that all politicians English and Scottish are only interested in furthering their career and lining their own pockets? how will an independent Scotland bring about the equal distribution of wealth?
    Governments are governments no matter what country it is in, they are corrupt and can easily be bought and influenced by large amounts of investments.

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