England needs you! Jacob Rees-Mogg’s plea to Scotland | Channel 4 News

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Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg heads to Scotland to discuss independence and tell Scots “England needs you”.

The leaders on the referendum result:
Alex Salmond: http://bit.ly/XtrdxF
David Cameron: http://bit.ly/1r5q0bA
Alistair Darling: http://bit.ly/1mk5C6W

Poll reaction from Scotland: http://bit.ly/1ml96FH

Coverage of the campaign trail: http://bit.ly/1qYcjeH

ODN’s independence referendum recap: http://bit.ly/ReferendumRecap

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34 thoughts on “England needs you! Jacob Rees-Mogg’s plea to Scotland | Channel 4 News

  1. I'm not too enthusiastic of Jacob Rees-Mogg. He's a right nuisance and Scotland is entitled to the views and did so and I have said more than the fellow in support of Scotland with respect to improved democracy there. I still regard Rees-Mogg as that pain in the buttocks, today. And it is a view of this kind I hold. I understand the Scotland better than he does. Having been up there – more than Rees-Mogg has.

  2. Isn’t this guy a bold hypocrite? He wants the UK to be independent from the EU, and Scotland to stay within the UK. Why does he cherrypick the Union and dispose of the EU?

  3. Jesus I never realised how left the Scottish was, also the euro is a Dia currency don't let your country be ran by that dictatorship. I'm from Southern Ireland this was very interesting to watch, I just wanted to say this country has been sold down the river. As a outsider to the Scottish people, you'd be better of staying with the English, togther in my honest opinion. Sometimes I wish we was part of the 🇬🇧 I've been recently following Pollotics and brexit I'm rather scared if there is no deal one it will leave roi worse of because we need u, fishing farming, goods, geographicly where not part of mainland Europe and where the only English speaking ones next to Europe, 🇦🇺 🇺🇸 Canada would be a better option, also I think varadkar, the pm here is being payed back handers by the e.u. But wen they have fineshed using us as a Cain to try stop brexit, which more Than likely, they will go on to wto and no deal will drop us like a stone in water! The past it must remain people. It's about our futures n what makes our country's strong, we are Irish. Theres northern Irish, Welsh English n Scottish, imagine what a power house we would be if people would stop with this centuries old wars! It's a new generation now, no doubt I'll get some narrow minded nationalists or antifa replies. Just saying. The pm of this country is gunna once and for all ruin it. How's Europe going to get supplies here if the uk say stay out our waters in the event of a bad deal? Or skies? Unless they go all the way around I don't no, but anyway enough politics. Good people of all nations ♥

  4. I never understand the Scottish. If they want to becomelike a ruined country like Ireland has to the eu that is there choice, but way they make out they don't like the union is a dirty cult. England has made u what u are today. Ireland is a ruin nobody wants to touch. Keep that in mind. Do u want that?… E. U will dictate you and tell u wat u can and can't do! Like irewand they talk about frweeedum. Lol 😂 😂 😂 hitlers gran kids own Ireland not the Irish lol n people will leave it that way 😝 but what I'm saying is Scottish n English have a bond dating centuries be strong as people togther. Rant over lol

  5. I wanted independence then and I want it now.
    I accept the result, despite the scaremongering and lies. The older generation kept us in but as time goes on it's inevitable.

  6. I'm Scottish and I find it very difficult to believe that more Scots now support independence than before. Everyone I know who has a functioning brain rightly thinks that the SNP have been an outright disaster for Scotland. As far as I can see, their support has been distilled down to hardline socialists and the Braveheart Brigade (who believe they're voting for Mel Gibson). I do know several reasonably intelligent people who voted SNP in the past but have now abandoned the party as the SNP's ineptitude has become increasingly apparent. Sturgeon is a delusional tyrant whose days in the limelight are numbered.

  7. His argument for scotland to stay was literally just the remain argument. A the end of the day we lose a nuclear plant, agriculture, fishing and more. They lose everything we have and our benefits we give them. Scotland wouldn't last long so the EU would have to intervene and they would become another burden on the EU to survive garnering more debt and costing the remaining top donors to their political union more money.. Plus we'll get a migrant border issue such as the likes of mexico with their new migrant friends they adopt.

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