Local elections explained: Channel 4 News

The Conservatives will be cheering tonight after picking up hundreds of council seats and two tightly fought directly elected mayors, while Labour are on course for their worse performance for more than 30 years. For Ukip it’s been an even bigger disaster, losing all 146 of the council seats they were defending, and gaining one.

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19 thoughts on “Local elections explained: Channel 4 News

  1. Fuck the terrorists tory bitch Theresa may! Do not vote for the is fascist Tory bitch and no better than Cameron Tory. Lies, destroying the NHS, removing peoples rights, discrimination, rich getting richer. Fuck the Tory government!

  2. Who would register to vote/contract in with a thieving, lying, warmongering corporation: UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION LTD. In bed with the EUROPA UNION CORPORATION. No contract, no consent.

  3. The combined council is a tool for the Tories to get the seats they would never get before now, teaming Tory areas such as Solihull with Labour areas that have been out of reach of their greedy hands for the last 30 years. It seems that everyone from Solihull got their disillusioned asses to the voting booths yesterday but most of the rest of the areas had better things to do, well ain't that great because now we have a Tory in charge of our already underfunded and overlooked home. This man spent 1m pounds on campaigning like it was loose change in an area where there are increasing numbers of homeless people and more children on the poverty line every day. How can someone who has never experienced hardship know what a working class person needs, this is a sick joke orchestrated by her royal highness herself the ever vomit inducing Theresa may!

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