The children of Gaza: Jon Snow’s experience in the Middle East

Jon Snow recounts the scene in Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, where doctors struggle to treat adults and children wounded by Israeli attacks.

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44 thoughts on “The children of Gaza: Jon Snow’s experience in the Middle East

  1. And those children where murdered and mutilated in cold blood by military wackos that where armed by slime basins that are praised and admired by the rest of the arms suppliers that get mixed up with actual reality thinking that they are still in a wild west movie on set cowboys and Indians not realizing that they will be hanged drawn and quartered in a never ending perpetual loop in a even more real movie in the hereafter when the Justice of God comes to pass not even bothering to repent off stage after they had their so called freedom of expression in this real movie called life…

  2. This is a clear account of what the right-wing, apartheid operating, Zionist Israeli Government is doing to people , especially children in the occupied Arab lands in Gaza and the West Bank.In the UK they have such a strong pro-Zionist lobby who are in support of everything that the Israeli Government is doing.This lobby attacks everybody who offers any criticism of Israel by playing the anti-Semite card. They viciously contrive to try to 'Take Down' [Israeli British Embassy staff words] Jeremy Corbyn because he speaks against these inhumane Israeli actions.
    People need to stand up and be counted in this struggle against the Israeli overt land grab in the Palestinian region and the Golan Heights.The USA in particular funds and arms the Israeli armed forces, but by their reticence to take action, the UK Government too is complicit in this conspiracy against justice. This whole region of Mesopotamia, in which Palestine sits as a part, has been fraught with conflict since time immemorial with the earliest records dating back to 6,500 BC. It is regarded by many as the ‘cradle of civilisation’, a term used by archaeologists to describe the land where civilization is understood to have emerged. Clearly BOTH the Jews and the Arabs have a right to live there in peaceful co-existence not as is now the case in Israel, with their new Nation State Law (19.7.18), an apartheid state of fully privileged Jews and all other races with less rights.

  3. Shocking one side report by this fella Jon Snow. Hamas kills more of its own children than anyone with rocket misfires etc. If you want to see a complete mess, then come and try to walk round Blackburn ( the Muslim side) with me. I'm old now, but I would still do it. Its very dangerous and there are no go areas. People still speak with a Pakistani accent because they don't mix and don't want to integrate. 60% in a recent Qilliam poll voted for Sharia Law in Britain. Jon Snow, you live in a luxury place, no where near the real muslim enclaves. You have no clue what is happening in your own country, never mind the one sided opinion you have regarding Israel. I am completely stunned by your one sided Liberal Leftie cooperate view, but not surprised.

  4. This is all absurd. Some 10 thousand rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza in recent years. Rockets which were targeted specifically at Israeli civilians. Hamas uses Palestinian children literally as human shields. The charter of Hamas explicitly calls for genocide of the Israelis.

  5. The children in the video were survivors but weren't supposed to be. Hamas forces the children to be left in the homes that will be bombed. In hundreds of cases only the children die, and in one case 19 children in one room died.


    Israeli Hypocrites Fund – and Run – Hamas!
    “Hypocrites, Vipers, Synagogue of Satan!”
    That’s what Jesus called the Pharisees. (Matt 23, Rev. 2)Well, the “Pharisees” are at it again!
    It appears that Israel is planning to wall off – and starve to death – the Palestinians. Why? “Because the Palestinians elected Hamas as their leaders.”
    Here’s the real story.
    In the most recent Palestinian election, the Hamas party won. Hamas, we are told, is a group of vicious, uncontrollable, terrorists who want to destroy Israel!
    Yet the Israelis oversaw and provided security for the Palestinian election. Hamas could not have “won” unless Israel had (at least covertly) approved.
    Who funds Hamas? This United Press International article (below) reveals that the leaders of Israel, including Ariel Sharon, helped found and fund Hamas!
    Why would the Israeli leaders do that? What would they gain?
    The answer is one that has been used by rulers for thousands of years. In order to expand their territorial conquests, and in order to control their subjects and frighten them into relinquishing their rights, dictators and other rulers of that ilk must convince their subjects that there is a vicious and destructive enemy in their own backyard.
    The citizens will give up their rights in order to have “safety.” (Just look what has happened in America since 9/11.) And they will go to war and risk their life, like lambs to the slaughter, to “defend their country.”
    But if the Israeli Prime Minister, himself, can control the supposed “enemy,” covertly calling for a “surprise” enemy attack by a Hamas “terrorist” against Israeli citizens whenever the Prime Minister wishes, so much the better for him and his cronies.
    Whenever Ariel Sharon, or his successor, feels the pressure from the nations of the world (United Nations) to stop brutalizing and “genociding” the Palestinians, and feels he needs an excuse to continue killing more Palestinians and bulldozing their homes, all he has to do is call on Hamas to send a suicide bomber into Israel to blow up some more Israeli citizens and stir up anger and frenzy in the world community, including the U.S., against the Palestinians.
    The world-wide press, the majority of which is owned by the Jews, then will herald the howling headlines that Hamas is a “terrorist” organization and the Palestinian leaders are unable to control the terrorists” in their territory. Their propaganda ploy is to promote the idea that “the Palestinians are evil, incorrigible, uncontrollable terrorists who refuse to negotiate peace, who are savages incapable of running their own government, and who the Israelis have the right to brutalize and murder.
    It works every time!
    And the people around the world, including the Americans, and the rank and file Israelis (including the families of the Israeli victims of the “terrorist” bombings) have been deceived again!
    The Israeli leaders view the Israeli citizens as throw-away items. The leaders think nothing of sacrificing Israeli citizens for their ultimate goal of: a) destroying ALL the Palestinians, b) then proceeding to exterminate or at least brutality subjugate as slaves, ALL people in Arab countries, c) then subjugating ALL the peoples of ALL the nations of the world as their slaves in a “One World Government.”
    The Israeli leaders are LYING to the people about Hamas! The Israeli leaders helped set up Hamas and they continue to fund it, because it serves their diabolical purpose!
    It was another sinister move by the Israeli leaders to install Hamas as the leaders of the Palestinians, and then accuse them of being terrorists so Israel can refuse to negotiate with the Palestinians.
    Another devious and deceitful False-Flag operation by the Israelis.
    Below is the United Press International article documenting this. Yet the Israeli leaders maintain the deception that Hamas is a vicious, Palestinian, terrorist organization with which they will not negotiate.
    You see, that’s what the Jews do! They set up False-Flag operations, – “terrorist” incidents that the Jews, themselves, plan – fund – and carry out, then they blame it on their enemies – in this case, the Palestinians!
    And they call themselves “God’s Chosen People”? They will most certainly REAP, both individually and as a nation, ALL the brutality and murder that they have SOWN!

    The following article written by UPI Correspondent, Richard Sale, in 2002, documents that Ariel Sharon and other Israeli leaders have FUNDED and RUN the supposed Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas in order to use it as their own private terrorism group, to order “suicide bombings” – any time and any where – of their (Sharon and his buddies) OWN Israeli citizens, who they consider as expendable as Gentiles.

  7. Hamas is controlled by Israel. They just use Hamas as an excuse to kill children. People cannot believe that Jews are this evil, but they are. You live long enough you find out. They are this rotten and their behaviour never changes.

  8. if iron dome kept everything out then why does israel keep retaliating ? john snow your ill informed. iron dome was not designed to shoot down hamas rockets, it was designed to shoot down scuds and cruise missiles. and certainly does not keep everything out.

  9. Channel 4 Ant-Trump Ethnic Minority FAKE News, the unofficial biased mouthpiece of the gobby and self-serving race UK relations industry and every other discredited pathetic chattering class liberal cause practically invented the concept of fake news in  the way it has repeated spread scare and invented news stories about the consequences of Brexit and the election of the visionary Donald Trump yet now has the shameless hypocrisy to criticise those who it accuses on indulging in exactly the same practice. You couldn't make it up even if Channel 4 Ant-Trump Ethnic Minority FAKE News regularly does!

  10. your poeple are there wot about your poeple move them in jon help your poeple help them move to your house let your black wife feed them with brittish money and lots of millk charity starts at home jon your full off shit you old baby boomer toff prik fucking die and leve the world .go to alla your creator. you fucktard old man ,cheers coon

  11. The American people want someone who isn't a two-faced liar. I do believe that Kerry's advice about Israel becoming a one state solution, was a green light to continue taking land from the Palestinians, no threats here.
    In all seriousness, shouldn't Kerry have recognized Leahy's Law before it was ever brought to his attention??????
    The UN serving up the goal of Israel. The longer they hold back the Palestinians the harder it is for them to continue their inevitable struggle forward. Stop being two faced.
    Where is the champion of oversight on war crimes and atrocities? I
    would never want to be called anti-semitic, but I still believe he
    was raised in a Jewish family and from his outright support of Israel
    and silence to everything they are doing on a daily basis, makes his service and representation of the American people a sham.
    He may speak for the politicians, the American people really have spoken thru Bernie Sanders and Trump of the low regard held for these two-faced liars in congress and the senate. They literally are beacons at this moment in history.

  12. Where is the champion of oversight on war crimes and atrocities? I
    would never want to be called anti-semitic, but I still believe he
    was raised in a Jewish family and from his outright support of Israel
    and silence to everything they are doing on a daily basis, Deputy US
    Ambassador to the UN David Pressman's comment, "We need a United
    Nations that includes Israel, that brings Israel closer, not one that
    systematically pushes Israel away." ISRAEL OR NETANYAHU, HAS SAID
    DOUBT WELL PAID ZIONIST PATRONIZER. He was also a member of President
    Obama’s Atrocity Prevention Board. Not one word about the thirsty
    Palestinians, the 577 children slaughtered during Operation
    Protective Edge, or how about bombing hospitals or schools?
    If I were Brad Pitt or George Clooney, I would be shocked by his silence. Consider his inability to recognize Israel's cutting off the water as an excuse for collective punishment,no consequence
    except it could set them up for more settler expansion. Isn't it probable, he really has a preference for Israel over the Palestinians, to the point of genocide or at the very least, away to keep the prosecution of Netanyahu from ever moving forward?

  13. Commenters below – all idiots/bigots seeing only one side of the story and generalizing/stereotyping even asking for genocide of an entire country. The Leftist/Oil Money media is on top now and they publish emotionally stirring but extremely biased stories.

    If he was a real journalist, he would have covered the other party as well. Thats what proper news reporting is. Otherwise it's just propaganda – the same way the enemy is dehumanized during a war with only sided reports.

  14. Well done to Jon Snow, if all journalists were as brave we would all know the whole truth, but unfortunately they are afraid of their paymasters, and of losing their livelihood…

  15. there are same evil evil people in this world who enjoy the suffering of others they don't even care if it's children its disgusting that Israel the only country on earth can do anything it likes makes me sick Americans governments disgusting England disgusting all they talk about evil in countries they need to take a look closer to home shame on there not American people or English they hate all the things happening

  16. I remember sitting down flicking through the channels and coming past this and then breaking down into tears and appreciate that i live in a peaceful country i do not need to fear my death when I leave the house i have a family i have food I have clean water i have clothes i always say allhumdulillah

  17. Imagine hat he would feel like if the west had media coverage since the begining of the occupation like we did. Every year we saw a live broadcast of the children being rushed to the hospital most of them dead by the hand if Israel. RIP palestinians.

  18. Maybe choosing Hamas as their leaders wasn't the best choice that Palestinians could have done…
    Injured children is a truly terrible thing to see, but a country cannot stand still and not react while thousands of missiles are being shot at their civilians.
    Their blood is on Hamas hands.
    Especially since Hamas used every method, including storing their missiles in hospitals and religious places.
    You are very naive to think otherwise.

    There are so many videos proving it, you can easily see it, since there's a second and third explotion of the tons of missles and demolition equipment stored there.

    Good luck for the Palestinians on choosing their next leadership (should they ever return to Democracy), we do not hate you, but we will not tolerate missiles shot on us.

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