The rise of the far-right in Hungary | Channel 4 News

Jobbik is one of the most politically successful far-right parties in Europe. The Hungarian party is anti-EU, anti-semitic and anti-roma, and have thrived since the financial crisis. Paraic O’Brien reports.

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32 thoughts on “The rise of the far-right in Hungary | Channel 4 News

  1. Here's how it works. Communism destroyed Hungary in 1956. People do not forget. Now you have the rise of the far right and that is exactly what happened in Germany in the early 1920's The German people saw what the commies were doing and they knew they had to respond.

  2. They want to protect their country from sleazy muslims so they call them far-right.
    They´re not far right, they just know that if they ever have to immigrate because of war, they won´t be welcome in any muslim countries.

  3. The far right😂😂😂 white people who don’t want their home invaded and overrun with migrants, who have no love or respect of their nation, and wish to exploit their social systems . Hungary doesn’t owe the Middle East , gypsies, or Jews, anything. I’ve always been very sympathetic towards Jews, and still believe that Israel is a Jewish state, and should remain as such.
    However, in the past few years, I am seeing an agenda on the part of many Jews , to push this “multiculturalism” lie, in Europe and the USA. I’ve seen lots of Jews in America, saying that since they were refugees once, they support us opening the border to the third world. Jews drawing a line in the sand, and folks like me, who were sympathetic to them, are on the other side of that line. Every nation will become “nationalist “, and look out for their cultures and people, otherwise, they will crumble….. with Jews leading the destructive narrative.

  4. Given that Orban received a huge majority when elected again based on his wish to restrict large immigration, limit NGOs that promote the ideologies that try to move it away from its culture – recently including gender studies where ideology rather than scientific fact is taught in universities, a promotion of traditional values such as family, etc. Perhaps he is doing something right.

    30 years ago much of this would have been accepted by classical liberals in the centre, but now it is branded as far right. Who has changed? The truth or Media? The factual reality (objective truth) hasn't changed but what the Media accepts as reasonable has morphed completely. I therefore being a classical liberal support Orban above any of the mainstream media that infects the west with its regressive ideology that it tries to portray as progressive.

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