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30 thoughts on “Welcome to Channel 4 News

  1. I have never met such arrogant and bias presenters as Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru murphy.  Channel 4 news is very ethnic minority, very pro refugees. I would like to see Channel 4 be more fair in their journalism and report on how Muslim women are treated by Muslim men, few will say they are considered equal.  Jewish and Hindu people do not cause problems like there is with Muslims, they practice their religion privately and never push it on others.  As for Polish, they don't cause any ripples, and usually hard working.

  2. Every thing from grotesque to down right ridicules, but not correcting science mistakes. Yes to science as dished out by conventionally agreed bunch who did not understand gravity, structure of photon, electron, nuclei, space bodies, moons, planet, star or galaxies. But no to correct science or correcting errors in science. When it come to all the mistakes being presented is OK. It worth ch 4 time and money, but they have not got the ball to defy their masters in correcting of rubbish they dish out to world TV consumers. long leave ignorance. MG1

  3. why can't we comment on robert downey jr.'s interview? Is it because you're afraid how many people are gonna complain about youre shitty questions? Well you got pretty fucked up and robert did everything right!

  4. fuck you! fuck your biased liberal trashy media! the TRUTH will always reigns supreme no matter how many lies and your leftist propaganda you pollute our beautiful planet with.

    fuck Islam!

  5. I dont like it when you make something bad and the comments are turned off such is Robert Downey Jr interview. If you don't want us to comment please just take it off YouTube. One thing I like about YouTube is the social interaction where we the viewer can speak up and read other peoples views. sharing knowledge and more information about what we have just seen. 😀

  6. Oh I hate this channel. I just seen a video of a poor little boy that was burnt in a bombing in Syria. Why on earth would you show that? I was very nearly sick. It's disgusting. Corrupt, idiotic journalism.

  7. You're going to have to disable these comments also because what you guys pulled with Robert Downey Jr. was terrible and unprofessional. I am glad i am in a different state because i would be embarrassed to have you guys as my local news.

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