Yanis Varoufakis: “We are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system” | Channel 4 News

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Yanis Varoufakis, widely tipped to be Syriza’s new finance minister, tells Paul Mason what they would do if they get into government in Greece, and admits the prospect of power in Europe is “scary”.

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49 thoughts on “Yanis Varoufakis: “We are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system” | Channel 4 News

  1. he is a lying hypocrite!!!! just look at the results of Varoufucknkle's "policies"!!!! Don't fall for his bullshit and delusions of adequacy… he is a slimy, treacherous little bankster stooge and US/IMF/Soros puppet…

  2. "We are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system"

    Unfortunately today V  didn't  destroy the obligarchy system by no one reforms but merely their  own people system  ! It's sad but that's the reality and no one can deny this !!

  3. He is an expert in algorithmic game theory – I think he knows how to negotiate a restructuring of the debt repayment. I praise his efforts in leaving it till late to strike a deal, creating a sense of urgency in the German central banks, various creditors and member states of the eurozone. With the support of the IMF and congress in restructuring the debt it seems plausible to suggest that it will be negotiated successfully. He is a very, very intelligent man and part of a progressive government.

  4. Finally, the purse strings closed, why should the euro zones tax payers continue to pay for the Greeks overuse and lack of reforms. Never heard of such a selfish people before. And then they select a brainwashing gouverment, so they can run from agrements and again make turbulence in the euro zone, and further more trying to use scaretactcs to get their will. But the Greeks have shot themselves in the foot, and must suffer the consequences. (make an example out of the euro zones teenager, an let their next generations judge them) unlesh they get brainwashed to, and blame all others for the sh!t they created among themselves.

  5. Where is this Yanis? "The Greeks can breath easy again"…my ass. When did they stop breathing easy? Well, there was that Turk thing that woke the lazy bastards up. Not to worry about the Greeks morons, worry about Spain and France. The Greeks are peasants and they love their station. On the other hand, the French actually understand pride of ownership, they'll not go peacefully into the night like the child molesting, drunks in Ireland. Who knows what the Spaniards will do? They will most likely take their frustrations out on some doped up bulls. United Europe is the best oxymoron I ever heard. You morons are right back to kissing Hitler's replacement's ass.

  6. This man, as new finance minister, sacked a gang of parasitic IMF consultants and used their wages to re-hire cleaning ladies at the finance ministry who had been originally fired as part of IMF cuts. There will be many attempts to slander and weaken his government: there is already a fake claim that they are trying to leave the EU. The new government appears to be smart enough to understand how the cut throat business of global politics goes. Donetsk is another part of the world which is now asserting itself and doing a good job of it, too, by the looks of things.

  7. as the scarecrow thougt correct in the story by L,BAUM
    a political system created by unelected on debt with a central bank that costs 2000 milion euros ,while it takes austarety mesures on its own people,and we cant vote them away,what a great system for the banks that rules our lives and pushes even our unborn children to take resposabilety for this money created out of thin air,
    the EU is far worse than a banana republic with all those rules and hunger for more money,does anybody has asked himself why all does people are migrating away from europe when its so good here..and it is not becouse there is no money they print it anyway so who is getting al those zeros if it cant go to education healthcare and other needs and fun stuff,the banks runs it all its not a lifestream its a moneyscam redpll or greenpill everybody has the right on this planet to live , todays biggest rasism is financial poor or very very rich and there s so much to share of even greater values than a number on a banknote,remember that the universal power of mother nature its awarnes will never put in a cooperative box,and when it gets angry i bet my balls on it that man kind will draw the shortest end

  8. This debt is essentially European dept.
    Only a quarter of the bailout money went to Greece as a country. The rest was to its creditors , which are German banks.
    The banking system is insolvent, so is Greece.
    The system is toxic.
    It's all about the banks covering their mistakes and greed.
    Change needs to start , and Greece is the catapult of the new revolution.

  9. In one of the talks delivered by Mr Varoufakis in 2013 I remember him saying that when he would deliver his verdict on the Greek Implosion on TV, he felt like a cancer specialist who had diagnosed a serious cancer only to be met by opinionated & angry relatives accusing him of being an "agent of the cancer"…I sincerely hope that the Greeks will embrace him & Syriza’s struggle for the future of Greece & Europe because the human cost of this unfolding nightmare is Too High!

  10. He is an example to the world and now I challenge the world to not go back under the sand self implode like it's being doing for generaciónes but to face the dark fear of change and enter a new light, which without, we will never evolve as so called "intelligent" beings 🙂 thank you 

  11. I know that Germany and Nato will begin to militarily threaten Greece using the Nato Turkish cat's paw. The real issue is whether Turkey will prostitute itself again as it has done in  Syria taking Saudi and possibly Israeli money.

  12. First of all it's Yannis with double N, he is just an illiterate faggot so he cannot spell his own name right. Second, he is just an illiterate faggot who has no idea of true economics and his failed ideas keep holding back a whole country…

  13. VAROUFAKIS: "The good fight has to be fought independently of costs". These could be words of Perikles… So, there is again hope for Athen, for Greece and for… Europe! Even a "epi-taphios", is it in the words of Perikles (Thucydides), …it brings moral hope and a moral future! And even these words of Prof Varoufakis could be German, it could be Immanuel Kant: "Handle so daβ die Maxime deines Willens jederzeit zugleich als Prinzip einer allgemeinen Gesetzgebung gelten könne"… With one correction: "…Daβ… der Mensch Zweck an sich selbst sei, d.i. niemals bloβ als Mittel…"

  14. Isn't the headline here that the corporate media and the international banking elite are leading us towards economic oblivion? When he says the Eurozone is going to be "toast", I think he means dead, along with the petro-dollar of course. The IMF is planning a world reserve currency and then we have the new world order international government right before our very eyes. This system is going to collapse and that is the intention.

  15. Zionist Jewish Oligarchy, and the merciless plundering of Europe and America by these criminal financial sophisticates will not be reversed by the Marxist Left, themselves beholden to Jewry. Once these leftist dreamers are finished tickling the beast, it will be all over for Europe. Europeans are being displaced on our own continent by criminal "ex"Communists like Merkel and the other Bolsheviks in the Brussels Politburo. Mass third world invasion is the tool being used to derail our Western revival. Vote Nationalist wherever you are in Europe. The left betrayed us.

  16. What a great idea.  Borrow loads of money which you can'y pay back and then borrow some more and more and more, because your banker is an idiot. The EU the ECB and Germany are being played as suckers and Greece doesn't care.

  17. This guy almost speaks so much sense except for "destroying the oligarchy".  I agree that the BIG Banking Institutions and the big Corporations need to pay for their mistakes. They made bad investments, they should not be bailed out…. there is no such a thing to big to fail. I am a capitalist and we are not living is a capitalist society but in oligarchy socialist society! However, as a capitalist, we cannot go on a hunt for the wealthy. Tax needs to come down. We should do that by having only the government issuing money and stop the banking industry having a monopoly over money.

  18. I like this bloke. I bumped into a few Greek socialist county councilors from Salonika once and they don't take any prisoners. Oligarchies are established quite quickly once a small group of parvenu people get their hands on the wealth of a country or own a disproportionate amount of a country's wealth. Once established they can control everything especially if they can put their puppets into the legislature, or, control the armed forces. In its extreme forms it can be seen in countries controlled by the massive wealth of drug cartels.Less extreme and superficially acceptable is the current financial structure that allows banks and other financial services operators to gain control of large amounts of the national wealth, or, even create wealth outside the country which is disproportionate to the wealth of the host country.Money is power. The more you have the more power you have. Power to take over other companies, asset strip these companies and create mass unemployment in the pursuit of bottom line profits or even political power.What the EU seems to have done is to give carte blanche to the private sector to rape and pillage the weaker countries in the EU. The EU Commission and various EU governments must take responsibility for what has happened and not simply blame the debt laden debtor countries and starve its inhabitants into servitude. It happened on the EU's watch. Therefore, its their responsibility. Political parties are riddled with lobbyists and people who are connected to multinational companies and banks.The EU hasn't controlled this.If Varoufakis is successful in his anti oligarchy crusade in Greece he could light a fire under the other parties seeking to do the same in other EU countries and more power to his elbow.Here's hopin.' 

  19. PEOPLE, understand, the game is rigged. The BIS, ECB, World Bank and the FMI are the most sinister money mafia forces in the planet. The u.s and G7 economies benefit from this economic PARASITISM in detriment of the rest of the SOUTH. They create money out of thin air and thru the BIS manipulate and  control the Central Banks of target countries and FORCE them to accept 'loans'  hoping that they will NOT be repaid. That way they can collect their pound of flesh in the form of natural resources which they 'buy' as cheap commodities, or get in fraudulent concessions. Of course, the debt is not forgiven, it's only dragged on, forever, to keep on bleeding or syphoning REAL wealth from those impoverished states. Is the BIGGEST act of racketeering allowed by international "law".

  20. An professor of economics and game theory appointed finance minister in a country that can make or break a currency union… Yeah, if I were a greedy, international banker who made a profit from bankrupting countries I would be scared of this guy too.

  21. All the countries of the world are in the same situation we are waking up to the fact that a few run the country through their propaganda arm of the government main stream media and our politicians are bought and paid for.

  22. You've got to admire this guy. He actually understands that when he goes to negotiate with the EU over the mess that Greece is in, that there are certain terms he simply cannot agree to because of the pledges Syriza made to the Greek electorate that got them elected in the first place. This demonstrates integrity and honesty whether you agree with his stance of not.

    This is what Merkel, Cameron, Milliband, Clegg and all the other Europhiles cannot understand. It's a totally alien concept to them. The idea of actually upholding your election promises is something that they've never seen before.

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