You read my mind: scientists claim ‘first telepathy success’ | Channel 4 News

Scientists claim to have conducted the world’s first successful telepathy experiment. They say that they have sent a “mental message” from one person, to another 4,000 miles away.

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11 thoughts on “You read my mind: scientists claim ‘first telepathy success’ | Channel 4 News

  1. In other people they have a natural mental telepathy this was exist in this World in 99% without any instrument to use like electronics device etc.. A natural mental telepathy will exist in your brain & you can here the message thru your mind and you can speak as well as you can send a message thru your mind to your telepathy person with speed of 1 parsec per second. For my experience for more than 2 decades natural mental telepathy is a true Science fiction… Thank you, 1872553496

  2. I was thinking to myself …. I really want this video to finish …. and voila !!!! Now Im thinking geez my cock hurts I really want it to get better …. and voila bent over and ….

  3. There are lots of people with telepathy….Many of them are blown off as frauds and charlatans, but in truth there are plenty of people with these gifts……Another problem is it can be random, so not so easily measured.

    This is easily proved with some twins and multiple birth individuals who have a strong emotional connection to each other and other people.

    Then there are things like feeling other people's physical pain and they have other names for those.

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