Bono on Band Aid 30: Ebola is a ‘political failure’ | Channel 4 News

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The spread of Ebola is “not a medical failure” – U2 lead singer Bono tells Channel 4 News political leaders “need to keep their promises”.

Damon Albarn on Band Aid 30:

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22 thoughts on “Bono on Band Aid 30: Ebola is a ‘political failure’ | Channel 4 News

  1. this is all you white folks want that Africans always suffer and die then you'd carry yourselves over there pretend to be helping,YOU HYPOCRITES.just do a check-up on your country there are thousands of homeless and starving people sleeping on your MOTHERFUCKING street out in the cold that need your MOTHERFUCKING help but no you don't FUCKING help them instead you bypass those people to go to another country,WTF!!! are you people stupid or you are on drugs????.we don't need your MOTHERFUCKING help.FUCK!!!

  2. you whites are the same fucking people that went and injected innocent africans with the FUCKING virus you created yourselves then you make us look bad but you the hero.keep enjoy what you are doing but remember JUDGEMENT shall come upon you MOTHERFUCKERS one day.FUCK!!!  

  3. you MOTHERFUCKERS have being taking aid funds for so many years in the name of helping Africans. WTF have u people done for Africa, all u do is stage horrific incidents that helps u get away easily when you steal the resources from the continent, you should be ashamed of yourselves…HYPOCRITE!!!!

  4. With all due respect to the common people of Africa Bono is not what he appears to be and is promoting GMO foods and tainted vaccines for population control…. No respect for that kinda conduct ! Great idea for wrong reasons… See through the illusions!  ∞ Love

  5. If all these celebs paid 1 million each you'd have enuff to calm Ebola down. Yet they want families who are already on the breadline to buy a CD that these multi millionaire celebs have been paid thousands to sing on.

    Even Bibb geldoff was paid to appear on Xfactor to promote this single

  6. Bono is narcissistic as well as corrupt. He's an elderly has-been with a face like a baboon's cunt, who needs constant adulation. He doesn't give a shit about 'third-world' countries. This piece of Irish scum jets about the world in his private jet lecturing people on global poverty, YET HE DOESN'T GIVE A CENT OF HIS OWN MONEY. In fact, he pockets most of what he collects.


  7. I am not against helping people, but when asked to donate by people who could donate about a £1m each and probably write it off against tax anyway, I can't help feel rather cynical. If Bono and Geldof protested against corporatism which is the real reason why so much is spent on war and defence, sums of money which in the words of the late great Bill Hicks would feed and clothe everybody in the world many times over, then I'd see their point of view. They are very careful not to offend the corporations or the establishment but to pick the most desperate cause in some far away land which has little in common with our culture. There are actually far easier problems to solve in the UK, such as homelessness and child poverty. However in order to solve such problems it means going against the way the media vilify the homeless and unemployed as useless parasitic scum. Such a message has been repeated over and over by the media since at least the time of the first Band Aid appeal that most people would stop twice when asked for money by Shelter or by a homeless person. The homeless in the UK are for the most part ordinary people who have been unlucky in life, that's all it takes to become homeless in the 1st world. You do not see Geldof and Bono (although U2 were involved in an initiative against poverty in Ireland prior to their tax-dodging move to Holland) railing against problems like this because in a word, it would be unpopular. They fail to understand that they need to be modern-day Peabodys or Shaftesburys and actually invest some of their money into sustainable quality housing. But that would smack of charity wouldn't it? Instead of setting their sights a little lower and closer to home the Geldofs and the Bonos will continue to rail against global poverty and global deprivation. Oddly you don't hear them criticize war very much either. I long ago realised that you could test how sincere your right-on liberal friends really were by mentioning the subject of homelessness or buying a copy of 'The Big Issue' to see the prejudices of their Daily Mail and Daily Express-reading parents assert themselves in a moment, so much prejudice and hatred for people in trouble living in the same town as you but lots of time for Greenpeace and Ebola victims in far away places. That is how ye shall know them.

  8. Although it is not entirely clear how Ebola initially spreads from animals to humans, the spread is believed to involve direct contact with an infected wild animal or fruit bat. Besides bats, other wild animals sometimes infected with EBOV include several monkey species, chimpanzees, gorillas, baboons and duikers.

  9. Boom! Right on que! Frabricate an epidemic then charity movement with celebs, Christmas charity hit just in time! Remeber live Aid anyone? Exactly the same shit! Who has benefitted since then? Think about it.

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