Boston bomb suspects’ mother Zubeidat Tsarnaeva tells Channel 4 News: ‘FBI rang me before attacks’

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, mother of the Boston bombing suspects, tells Channel 4 News the FBI called her years ago to ask if her eldest son Tamerlan could be radicalised and that her children have been set-up.


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  1. Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Terrorist. Murderer. Federal Informant?
    Not long after Tamerlan Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon, investigative reporter Michele McPhee went looking for answers. What she discovered, detailed in this exclusive excerpt from her new book, Maximum Harm, might just change how you think about our government and law enforcement forever.
    by MICHELE MCPHEE· 4/9/2017, 6:00 a.m.
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    tamerlan tsarnaev maximum harm 1
    Photo collage by Eric Mongeon and Toan Trinh

    As darkness descended over the village of Utamysh, Russia, one mid-July night in 2012, international soldiers, intelligence agents, and local police made their way inside a convoy of covered troop carriers to a carefully hidden encampment. They even brought a light-armored tank, knowing the men inside were heavily armed.

    The hideout, a small farmhouse, was home to seven mujahideen, guerrilla fighters who had all vowed to bring sharia law back to Russia’s Northern Caucasus. They flew their own nationalist flag and consistently referred to Russian authorities as “invaders.” Two of the men, however, Islam and Arsen Magomedov, were more than mere guerrilla insurgents: They were notorious terrorists and commanders of the region’s most brutal criminal gangs. In all, they were suspected of orchestrating dozens of murders and deadly bombings of police checkpoints, civilian-filled trains, and Russian Federation television stations. Next to the Magomedovs stood five other men who ranged in age from 25 to 35, budding jihadists who had very few prospects when they left their families other than to go, as they said, “into the forests” to train. After a long day, the men went to bed—completely unaware that just outside the tiny village, under the cover of night, forces were preparing a raid that would level their camp.

    Russian Interior Ministry counterterrorism troops wanted to move in without being seen by the prying eyes of Utamysh villagers, so they evacuated some women and children living near the camp. Not everyone in the Muslim village supported the continuing carnage in their region, but most distrusted Russian Federation law enforcement officials. As in most military operations, the soldiers moved silently as they carefully checked their guns and grenades, switched the safeties off their automatic weapons, and even loaded a small rocket-propelled grenade. They wore combat gear, and not for aesthetic reasons. Inside the hideout were some of the most violent men in the Northern Caucasus, an area that has long been among the most volatile and lawless places in the world. At that time, it was not unusual for a Russian police officer to be assassinated weekly. The insurgents inside the Utamysh compound had been trained to believe that the Russians were invaders who—like pigs—deserved nothing less than slaughter, and had been taught that there was no greater honor than to die taking a Russian out.


    inRead invented by Teads
    When the radicals heard the sound of dried dirt and rocks being crushed under the weight of the tank and the troop movers carrying the enemy to their front door, according to a video that was later released by the Russian Interior Ministry, the mujahideen grabbed their own guns, prayed that Allah would give them strength in battle, and fired.

    Tracer rounds and bombs lit up the village for hours. When the sun rose over the mountains on July 14, 2012, all seven of the Islamic militants were dead. The Russians photographed their slain bodies lying in the scrubby grass as proof of their deaths.

    The camp was a smoldering shell. Cars belonging to the insurgents were still burning. The walls of the farmhouse were pitted with gunfire, and its windows had all been blown out. Russian Federation counterterrorism coalition forces also lost a man: an officer with the Russian Interior Ministry. Three other Russian agents had been wounded.

    As the farmhouse continued to fume, while militants mourned and the Russian Interior Ministry prepared to bury its dead agent, one man left the region, somehow paying 2,050 euros for a one-way Aeroflot ticket from Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow to John F. Kennedy International Airport, and then to Logan airport on July 17, 2012. His name was Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a Russian expat whose entire family fled the region a decade earlier for Cambridge, Massachusetts, telling United States immigration officials that they would be killed because of their political affiliations if they ever returned home.

    It remains unclear how the unemployed 25-year-old on welfare paid for the flight or exactly what he spent his time in Russia doing, or for whom. Less than a year later, he and his younger brother, Dzhokhar, carried out the Boston Marathon bombings, an act of terror so immense it would paralyze the entire city. Tamerlan would die on April 19, 2013, not long after a wild firefight with police and a high-speed chase in a stolen SUV driven by Dzhokhar, who fled the shootout and prompted a nearly daylong manhunt before being captured.

    When Dzhokhar’s trial started nearly two years later, his famed death-penalty defense attorney, Judy Clarke, startled court spectators when she flat-out admitted her client was guilty of the bombings. At one point, she pointed to a photo of older brother Tamerlan and explained, “There’s little that occurred the week of April the 15th…that we dispute.” But what about in the months and years before that?

    Much is murky about Tamerlan’s life leading up to the deadly attack on Boylston Street. Four years after the blasts, his case, at first blush, seems to be an extreme cautionary tale about the shortcomings of the overbloated war on terror, its divided attentions rendering actual terrorists invisible. But upon closer inspection, a strange picture starts to emerge—one that counterterrorism experts and law enforcement officials have suggested points to Tamerlan having been a federal informant who went rogue.

    During Dzhokhar’s trial, his defense attorneys raised provocative questions about the FBI’s mysterious involvement with Tamerlan. Had agents pressured him to be an informant? And if so, did that pressure play a role in the bombings? “We base this on information from our client’s family and other sources that the FBI made more than one visit to talk with [Tamerlan’s parents] Anzor, Zubeidat and Tamerlan, questioned Tamerlan about his internet searches, and asked him to be an informant, reporting on the Chechen and Muslim community,” Dzhokhar’s lawyers stated in court records. “We further have reason to believe that Tamerlan misinterpreted the visits and discussions with the FBI as pressure and that they amounted to a stressor that increased his paranoia and distress. We do not suggest that these contacts are to be blamed and have no evidence to suggest that they were improper, but rather view them as an important part of the story of Tamerlan’s decline. Since Tamerlan is dead, the government is the source of corroboration that these visits did in fact occur and of what was said during them.”

    The FBI denies that Tamerlan was their informant, but to this day those questions have not been answered. What is the bureau trying to hide?

  2. First THEY (~FBI, CIA, and even Federal-Division of Police~) COERCE any (–Muslim Refugee or Immigrant…Citizen or NOT–) they want to use as their next '-Terrorist Patsy-' as INFORMANT, then they set them up in a 'False Flag Terror operation-' as they did first to 'Tsarnaev’ Brother~!
    American Muslim author Zainab Merchant publicly exposed an FBI agent who tried pressuring her to become an informant.

    Video source: Hassan Shibly from CAIR Florida

    Watch Zainab Merchant's full testimony via~:


  3. First THEY (~FBI, CIA, and even Federal-Division of Police~) COERCE any (–Muslim Refugee or Immigrant…Citizen or NOT–) they want to use as their next '-Terrorist Patsy-' as INFORMANT, then they set them up in a 'False Flag Terror operation-' as they did first to 'Tsarnaev’ Brother~!
    Boston Bombings Suspects' Mother Zubeidat Tsarnaeva: 'My Kids Have Been Set Up'
    Huffington Post UK

    The mother of the Boston bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has claimed that the FBI called her years ago with concerns that her eldest may be radicalised, and insists her sons have been set up.

    Her comments came as US security officials prepared to face questions in Congress over whether they should have taken further action after 2011 investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev at the request of the Russian government was dropped.

    boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev died following a standoff with police
    Speaking to Channel 4 news Zubeidat Tsarnaeva said an FBI agent would sometimes speak to Tamerlan and once asked her: "Do you think that Tamerlan could get involved [with radical organisations] because you know he is a leader, he's a strong boy?

    "And at that time, I said no, and they told me they were going to continue monitoring him because we are preventing any explosions happening on our streets and this is why we monitor those kind of teenagers."

    She went on to stress that her children could never be involved in the Boston marathon bombings, which injured more than 180 people and killed eight-year-old Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, 29, and a Chinese graduate student, named in reports as Lu Lingzi.

    Tamerlan was killed in police gunfire after a car chase following the shooting of Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Sean Collier, in Watertown earlier on Friday.

    Dzhokhar managed to flee on foot, before being found early on Saturday, wounded and hiding in a boat in a suburban back garden.

    Dzhokhar tsarnaev


    Dzhokhar was found hiding in a boat, wounded
    Zubeidat told Channel 4 news she was glad her son was alive and she hoped they could get the truth. She said: "What happened is a terrible thing but I know my kids have nothing to do with it.

    "I know it, I am their mother; I know my kids. My kids would never get involved in anything like that. The first day when I hear this, I was mad and angry at America, I knew it was a set up. Somebody set this up. It was not my kids.

    "I have no words, my son is alive and I hope we get the truth. Give this message to the whole world, whoever knows my kids, whoever knows me, I never raise my kids bad. I want my kids to get their honour back. "

    Dzohkhar Tsarnaev was charged by police on Monday as he lay in his hospital bed. Still in a serious condition, he is unable to talk due to a throat injury sustained in the fire fight that led to his capture although he has reportedly responded to questions in writing.

    The 19-year-old has been charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction and one count of malicious destruction of property resulting in death, the Department of Justice said in a statement.

  4. Why do Americans tolerate under educated, welfare dependant, non aspirational low life like this woman, her husband and her children into the United States? they have NOTHING to offer and only problems to unload.

  5. Come on, this is some bull. For one Obviously the killer's or any killers mother is the worst type of source for the truth in any situation cause of course they will be in denial and lie their ass off to protect their kid regardless.
    Secondly this is obviously a lie, all her mannerisms were constantly showing shes lying from the constant looking away to the jitteriness and stuttering it was obvious shes lying her ass of to protect those monsters.

  6. Look at her face. She is obviously a salafie scum like her kids. Salafis are following the sharia law the way it was followed 1400 years back. Back then it was honorable to sacrifice yourself in order to kill those who dont follow islam.

  7. Must have got a lot of money from the acting seeing as another interview was done in another house, both supposed to be hers.
    The FBI pay well it seems.
    Still I think all the family is over in Russia now living off americans tax payers money to help stage the events which was all one 5 day long drill.
    Like the fake trial all thanks to tax payers.

  8. Did she say she didn't raise her kids bad, ok that's funny her 2 sons with hard evidence shows what they did to those poor people in Boston, Her daughter also in mass was arrested for going after her ex-boyfriends new girlfriend with a knife, the mother can not come back in the united states on a shoplifting warrant, she got caught and didn't show up for court because she went back to her country before the court date, so she didn't raise her kids to be bad the whole family and her is fucked up they are all bad

  9. This godless leech brought her kids up to lie ,steal,and murder, now she has the gall to blame the hand that fed her and her kids,that little boys poor parents have been robbed of his precious life, because of the actions of her worthless sons, she's totally evil.

  10. Escape a war zone
    Seek refuge
    Given Asylum
    Get financial aid and food stamps
    Suck on America's tit
    And serve up 2 America haters for violence
    Gee…..thanks for coming over here!!!
    This is the "poster child" case for some of the bad things that come of immigration and extending the olive branch to desperate people with crazy-assed motions on how the world works and how to live in it!

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