Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Interview

“Do not define yourself solely by motherhood. Be a full person”. The writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s advice to her friend Ijeawele about how best to raise her daughter as a feminist. Subscribe for more:


24 thoughts on “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Interview

  1. she simply should have specified what type of man: cisgendered men have a more privileged experience as men (on the outside, not psychologically, i assume), before their transition which is probably what she meant.

    Obviously, non-cisgendered men must have had a less privileged experience, perhaps they were more effeminate, thus making them targets of discrimination.

    we also have to note the interviewers framing of her question. she was also at fault. But since Chimamanda is a figure of mainstream feminism, it is justified to hold her more accountable.

    nonetheless, we must call out on the linguistic mistakes, because words do represent a larger reality. her simple mistake erased and demonised the experiences of an entire community.

  2. SMH…gender is not biology its sociology. can you say same about animals? plants? all of nature that can reproduce via male and females genders? Speaking eloquently intelligently and informed doesnt mean the truth has been spoken. id say this…Gender inequality has been a fuel for feminism and feminism is the most senseless idea ive come across. These days women dress like men and walk like men and act like men..yes act like men. what does this mean??? well it means they are confused about their identity. Yes who defines what a woman should be? Two things come to mind…God who created her and the woman how is what she is. Real women pls dont be deceived by the things this lady has to say. many years from now when things become more obvious shed hide her face. I love women and respect them always. i do beleive she should be respected in her enviroment office home playground church etc. However most women have taken the subject too far and in the end its the family structure thats in danger. We all need to take a cue from the animal kingdom. Lets stop all the hate speech. We may be different in our ways but all humans in the end. Be careful of what enters the mind because once its formed its difficult to transform.

  3. Equality means lots of free stuff and free services and free money for women and men paying for it because they have penises. Why is it that women are the ones that get to define equality?????????????????

  4. My submission will be simple and straightforward.
    So will a black man/woman who bleaches his/her skin be read by ever society as a coginital white person? If the answer is no, then transgender women must be read by society as transgender women and nothing more because being a woman has been their original identity!

    So Chimamanda is right on point. All your contending views are really not worth it!

  5. Never in my entire life could I ever imagined to Feel so empowered and inspired by someone who I actually have never met. She describes the problems of Gender in such a gracious Way. She is an Exceptional Woman!!!

  6. She is saying the FACT though. If someone lived for part of their lives as male/ perceived as male they were afforded male privilege for that time and can not say they had the same experience as a woman for that time. I can't say that as a woman from birth and all through my life that I can identify with living any part of male privilege because I am a woman and it is obviously not afforded to women. A trans woman has experience as a trans woman that I as a non-trans woman cannot say I experience because it is peculiar to trans women and I don't think we should seek to erase that.

  7. If you are writing or talking about leftist thought, consider the following:1. Did Monty Python write something like it?2. Could Monty Python have written something like it?If so, don't go there!

  8. Anytime you have to put a sexual prefix in front of woman then you were not born a WOMAN. Whatever you came out of the womb as is what you are, any changes made to you after that is fake unless you were born with both sexual organs.

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