David Davis challenged on ‘lying’ in politics by Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 News

What brings politics into disrepute? Krishnan Guru Murthy spoke to Brexit Secretary David Davis about Theresa May’s record and the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. Subscribe for more: bit.ly/LtASif.


47 thoughts on “David Davis challenged on ‘lying’ in politics by Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 News

  1. Here in Oct 2018. TM promised to control the immigration, but instead the MSM has "fixed" this issue by telling us that we have been culturally enriched.

    Anyone else feeling better for it?

  2. what is everybody watching all that guru guy did was ask him question and then try to force the answers he wanted. Although I find it funny that he changes the subject whenever he doesn't have a rebuttal. Big up davis..hold his own against what is basically an attack piece

  3. gotta give credit where credit is due… channel 4.. especially krish and snow have been totally fair during the last election campaign.. rinsing both sides but in a mutual and transparent way. shame cathy is a bit of an sjw,

  4. Well I have read through the posts, and I must be living in some alternate world, yes May has done some U turns but at least when asked questions they are answered or at least most of them. You all seem to holding this fellah Corbyn up as some paragon of virtue, the man is an out and out liar, end of chat.

  5. Why these terrorists attacking are happening in these countries. What did these countries do wrong to make all these hatred and attacking. I have not heard about the reason. Should US , UK , or France stop what they are doing in those Islamic countries. . No one is taking about it. They only talk about He said She said.

  6. This man is in charge of the Brexit talks. Does he think the kind of tactics he used against Leanne Wood in Questiontime will work with Merkel and Junker ? screw a duck we are finished .

  7. Isn't Krishnan Guru-Murthy just a right pain in the arse!! It's just an anti-Tory rant which you would expect from Channel 4. He's not interested in the answer – only to slam the Tories. Labour would be a disaster for the UK. We cannot have them in power, we'll be bankrupt in no time, back to 1978 and still stuck in the EU. Lib dems would be even worse – liik what they did in the house of lords to try to stop Article 50. Bastards!

  8. "Costing" on all parts eh? Neo-liberal policies cost has been extracted directly from the environment and the relative representation and support for the majority to the few in the groups mutually benefitting each other on the civilian's backs through control of power. For power's sake (globally and regionally). The banks and plutocracy will not stop usurping power for profit on their own, that is the opposite of their business methodology to great consequence from everyone else.

    Austerity to the public is drastically more economically efficient and effective unless you fear empowering the public.

  9. II didn't see it like some of you. The idiot is Murthy. Very unprofessional . Seem to think that his question is the sound bite not the answer the Politian's give. The messenger as become the message me thinks.

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