Islamic State fighters smash historic statues in Mosul | Channel 4 News

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Irreplaceable artifacts dating back thousands of years are destroyed by Islamic State extremists – though experts say that some are replicas.

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33 thoughts on “Islamic State fighters smash historic statues in Mosul | Channel 4 News

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  2. We will smash your head you mother fuckers as you smashed our history and destroyed our country. It's just a matter of time. This land defeated Alqaieda thugs before and it will defeat you too.

  3. God wanted moses to do this and the isrealites. Omg they need jesus so bad. Just goes to show islam indeed stems from idol worship but these fuckers are 2 thousand years too late

  4. Great. Now all of those countries trying to get their artifacts back from the British Museum (Greece, Egypt, etc.) are screwed and the western countries which took them during the era of European colonialism and keep them under the pretext that these countries can't be trusted to properly protect and care for their own heritage can just point to this, in addition to other cases where artifacts have been destroyed. Fuck you, ISIS/ISIL/Whatever the fuck your new acronym is! Damn barbarians.

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