Laughing gas vendors: having a laugh at the law’s expense? | Channel 4 News

For a fee, they’ll get you high – and they’ll do it right under the noses of the police who can’t touch them. But is the party coming to an end for those making a fortune selling laughing gas at festivals and on the streets of the UK?

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32 thoughts on “Laughing gas vendors: having a laugh at the law’s expense? | Channel 4 News

  1. I just saw that bag of all them little canisters what a waste of fucking money listen you order a 20 lb tank off the internet for a little bit more than $100 and you fucking print out some business cards that says you're in the food service business and you fucking go to a place that fills nitrous tanks for people that are in the food service business end of fucking story stop wasting your fucking money on little whip cream canisters you can be making so much more money with a 20lb tank and then you put a silencer on it so you don't even hear the fucking thing making the noise of the gas coming out

  2. Those guys are fucking amateurs using them little canisters fucking losers if you really want to step up your fucking game buy a 10 or a 20 pound tank and get that fucker filled… then you go to a dead show and you start selling balloons $5 a piece… you get around 200 balloons in a 20 lb tank about a hundred balloons in a 10 lb tank I'm fucking if you want to get 80 lb tank get an 80 lbtank that's 800 balloons baby…. so you Brits got to step up your fucking game

  3. The more they ban the worse the "legal highs" will become, ban one thing and a week later something else will come along probably with more risk and worse side effects. The same thing happened with spice.

  4. Coming from a guy who used to get big tanks in college. It’s awful for your health and you damn sure don’t need to be standing up on concrete when hitting a balloon. What nitrous oxide does to the brain is it starves it for oxygen. In turn it’s killing brain cells and that’s why people lose consciousness. The brain shuts off from losing to much oxygen just as if someone was choking you. It’s pretty common to see people pass out while hitting a big balloon and it could cause serious trauma if someone bounces their head off the pavement! It’s not as popular in America yet, just around certain scenes especially festivals or types of music where the drug culture is prevalent.

  5. I broke my ankle and I was given a massive cannister on wheels with proper breathing apparatus for like 20 mins (the nurse was nice lol). So fucking fun. But don't inhale too much in one go or you start to hear really bad echos. It goes in 45 seconds though.

  6. "it's not designed to be inhaled it's designed to whip cream" BULLSHIT first of all it's a molecule it wasn't "designed" to do anything second of all its first non-recreational use was in as an inhalant for anesthetic purposes after the discovery of its analgesic effects (its first ACTUAL use was as a recreational drug, which is exactly how the aforementioned analgesic effects were discovered)

  7. If this was the USA, they would have mobilized the swat team stormed the street, blocked it off, shot a few people, beat or taser the rest unconscious, and sent the everyone to prison for 10 years.

  8. literally fucking retarded, Nitrous Oxide iz made for 2 things, surgery & adding extra explosive power boost to cars, I bet some of these idiots will oneday forget how explosive the shit iz, & light a cigarette in there mouth, KA BOOM!!! 💥💥💥💥

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