Robert Downey Jr walks out of interview when asked questions about past

When the questions turn to his family and colourful past, the film star Robert Downey Jr brings an interview with Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy to an abrupt end. Full story –


41 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr walks out of interview when asked questions about past

  1. Krishnan is such a retarded reporter and as someone who lives in England unfortunately this retard has a lot of screen time, just as stupid a question as the moron who asked Tom Hardy about his sexuality. You are not a therapist, Mr Interviewer, Roberts past is of no business of yours. You are an interviewer here, nothing more.

  2. RDJ "is there Hollywood without abused kids that are obsessed about getting attention they didn't get in childhood and drugs that are needed to escape from pain of struggle, loneliness, isolation and despair? Are there films that are made without commercial intent but rather artistic with a depth of understanding of life? Of course not! I am here promoting the movie and if I don't promote it in a right way I won't get my next gig! Don't ruin my career, I got more to lose than your little interviewing job .I am walking out".

  3. No surprises here. Journalists and the media invade people’s privacy, make up stories, create rumors, are disrespectful, and hide behind freedom of the press after doing so.

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