Peep Show star Robert Webb: don’t say ‘man up’

Robert Webb is one of the most recognisable faces of British comedy – a star of Channel 4’s longest-running sitcom, Peep Show. But now he’s written an autobiography called How Not To Be A Boy. It reveals the troubles and doubts of growing up through grief and family strife – and tackles the reality of coping with what’s expected of boys and men.

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26 thoughts on “Peep Show star Robert Webb: don’t say ‘man up’

  1. Women want to be with strong men, it doesn’t mean you can’t show emotion, it’s just you can’t have your personality ruled by emotion. Arguments or theories based off of emotion are flippant, subjective and unreliable.

  2. So many angry men in the comments, completely missing his point. Why are so many men terrified of losing their fragile manhood just because of a few tears? Robert Webb is three times the man than all you sad losers terrified of showing emotion – he feels secure in his manhood, secure enough to question social constructs about masculinity. Here is a real, strong and wonderful man who should be a role-model for all boys.

  3. As someone who is not a man, but has loved and been in love with men, I have very much witnessed how harmful the pressures of masculinity can be for some men and this book helped me understand that so much better. There's nothing wrong with gender, but there is something wrong with gender expectations so powerful that they oppress us.

  4. Though I can actually sympathise with the hurt he felt as a young boy struggling to be a “man”, it seems that his trauma has polarised his view on masculinity. There are many useful and good reasons as to why specifically masculine traits exist across the whole of humanity. Culture has its part in interpreting the malleable areas of the masculine character, and those interpretations may be eventually destructive, but it is better to focus on those impractical interpretations of masculinity and improve them, not attack the idea of masculinity as a whole. To say it is meaningless, or toxic to its core, will do more to leave young men even more directionless that they already are, in a world that constantly criticises there innate being.

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