Rescued African migrants say they are fleeing slavery

Italy has threatened to stop foreign boats carrying migrants rescued in the central Mediterranean Sea from docking in its ports unless other EU countries do more to help.

It comes amid a surge in arrivals in recent days, as we reported last night from aboard a German rescue vessel. Tonight we hear from the migrants and refugees themselves.

A warning: this report contains images and testimony that you may find distressing.

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47 thoughts on “Rescued African migrants say they are fleeing slavery

  1. What in the world is wrong with Africans? These people live on this vast continent abundant in raw resources, and don't know what to do with it. Maybe if they'ed spend less time fighting each other and work together in terms of building up their country you wouldn't have this. Also they need to band together and get rid of these greedy slobs that is job is meant to govern them instead of robbing their own people blind.

  2. I am not without compassion. Not long ago Libyans celebrated the return of Al Megrahi, sent back from a Scottish prison to die surrounded by his family after being convicted of planting the bomb that brought down pan am flight 103 carrying innocent mostly Americans home from London. Many innocent fellow Scots died as they relaxed at home on a cold winters evening. These people are our enemies. Now their country is in disarray they jump onto inflatable rafts, not to make the crossing, but to be rescued. Shoot them, dying by the bullet is a better way to die than drowning, or to be blown out of the sky from miles up maybe not dying till you strike the water. Open fire on them, avenge those innocents who died, Americans and British citizens, don't pander to those who celebrated their unfortunate ends.

  3. What a bunch of assholes make rude comments. Hey dumb asses these are human beings who need help why are so many judging these people we are all human from the Frist man and women Adam and Hawa we are the same people who bleed red yes we come from many nations and tribe but why are u assholes so hateful and prejudice and racist. I hope on day you assholes will go though what these people going though

  4. stop the crisis’ you have in Africa and not come to Europe. Europe is full, with over 700 Million people on such a small continent
    Compare that to Africa with over 1Billion people with all of their fucking land

  5. Those bums mostly come from stable African countries and have spent thousands if not 10s of thousands to cross the Sahara into the Mediterranean Sea, what are you fleeing from? You're not Somalia, you're not South Sudan, you're not Eritrea, you're not the Central African Republic so stay in your countries I repeat stay in your countries Europe doesn't want you get the message already before the Italians/Greeks/Spainards start shooting you at sea.

  6. Fifty miles off the coast of Libya so they are closer to the African continent than Europe so all these NGO boats out there should be arrested the minute they get back to port for smuggling illegal immigrants. The boats should be be turned back to Libya or any North African country. Unless we allow all the migrants to travel on to Saudi? That would be interesting.

  7. I'm Europian and I'm really so sad to see the people suffer in this way. Doesn't matter our skin colour, we are all human and must protect each other. But why African governments are so corrupted they must do something for their people. Everyone has right to have a good life and to take services from the State.

  8. West African countries have become a shame to our golden continent. To claim you are escaping slaverly is making me sick in my stomach. Africa dont have slaves and will never put her people in slaverly. God give these people the eyes to see.

  9. Wow truly heartbreaking… maybe the women in these countries should stop having children. The United Nations should start putting these women on IUDs…They can't help themselves their babies are dying and their teenage sons and daughters have no future…it's sad.. what is life if you live like this.

  10. From this video i can say there are two main problems in Africa which are security & poverty so Africa need to unite solve these problems because Security & welfare are basic human rights… nobody is born to suffer but for sure Africans have suffered too much ( from slaves trade till now), so it's time to make Africa Great maybe for once if possible GREATER than all other continents, so Europians too can come in search of a better life……Thanks to the rescue team for your great job because deserve to die in the sea, may God bless you all..🙌🙏🙏

  11. Please make TV SHOW To help people not To emmigrate chow them the true, the dead people in thé sea, the slaverie in Saud Arabia, Arabie Saudite, tell them not To go please, please, i am in tears, thank you.

  12. Please make TV émission in all TV SPECIALLY in ALL West Africa, please, I am calling on You, to STOP going To Saud Arabia, please !please! Thank you. Sorry for mistakes i am french speaker.

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