Rotherham grooming victims speak out for the first time

Three years after an official report found 1,400 children had been the victim of sexual exploitation in Rotherham, two of the victims have waived their anonymity to speak for the first time on camera. They discuss the continuing impact on their lives, an ordeal which has continued even after some of the abusers have been given lengthy prison sentences.

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44 thoughts on “Rotherham grooming victims speak out for the first time

  1. LOAD of Bulshit…100s of girls were Sexually Frustrated and on a DOGGING Trip… " it's really bad haha" such a funny Subject after being Groomed?

    Worse Part is Sammy had other Male Sexual Partners at the time……

  2. No one will state the bleeding obvious for sake of political correctness. This is what liberal multiculturalism leads to – all cultures are not equal. Pakistani Muslims specially should be asked to renounce their faith and culture before they are allowed anywhere in the west. Just like Switzerland, UK and other European countries should start by banning mosques and Imams, which breed terrorists and predators – for both prevention and deterrence. These abuse victims and terrorist victims should sue the politicians who let this happen.

  3. What’s the problem.? Our politicians keep telling us that we should be a tolerant society and embrace diversity, immigration and multiculturalism. I’m confused….. Have we now to stop being tolerant?. Hasn’t this event enriched our society just like our wonderful politicians said diversity would?

  4. Im surprised Channel 4 News had some interest in this travesty of injustice done to these young girl's callous attitude towards these girl's families by the Labour and Liberal MPs and councillors. Channel 4 News lives up their PC credentials.

  5. Sorry to say coming from a Asian person I feel sorry for anybody going through this situation I think anyone does this crime should be hanged simple wether his white asian or black crime is a crime it has no religion or race but unfortunately more of them are white guys and Pakistanis

  6. Stop calling the grooming gangs Asian. No Sikhs, no Hindus, Japanese, Chinese or Sri Lanka's are involved in this disgusting act of peodophilia. It's just men of Pakistani, Muslim origin who have been convicted of grooming

  7. A couple of years in the nick, with all the comforts of home is NOT punishment for the crimes these muslim bastards have committed. Time we were as barbaric as them, they should be publicly hung, drawn and quartered, televised, perhaps then they may think twice before grooming underage girls.

  8. It's still happening all over the UK. Honest address is the only way though. Kafir are worthless to the muslim. Understand this through the Qu'ran and then you'll see the absolute contempt for non muslim and even more so, Kafir women.

  9. Failed by men says the sexist presenter.
    So you suggest not one female cop or female social worker was involved in the cover.
    The cover up gang are equally as guilty and should be arrested and charged.

  10. And south Yorkshire police 👮 tried to sweep this under the carpet 😝 disgusting when the police 👮 would sooner harass a white in their own land for having a British 🇬🇧 flag in their window than bang up kiddy fiddling filth 🙄

  11. The police and government have done nothing. We need a massive purge by normal people because that is the only way we will get justice. This interviewer seems pretty unsympathetic to me.

  12. Another lot of the evil Pakistani swine have been found guilty today 29th October 2018 look in their faces these Muslims are inherently evil they have no place in British society.Their beliefs regarding children and women in general are barbaric and evil.The whole Muslim way of life is sick and does not belong in a western culture.

  13. Well done channel 4. I see we got Cathy "so what your saying" Newman avoiding the central common thread, " MUSLIM" Best group them as men and avoid any chance of being called racist. PC stands for Politically Correct in the modern police force. Leftists afraid of being called racist caused this. Poor women fighting for justice in the face of the wankers in social services and the local police. Number of people who lost there jobs over this = 0

  14. Its Pakistani Muslims, lets call a spade a spade. In my opinion the entire Pakistani Muslim community are accountable. Even those not directly involved, must know what their family members and fellow community members get up to, and yet do nothing. Its not just the men, its everyone in that community, unless you speak out and cut out the cancer in your community then you are playing a huge part and are complicit. The government and authorities need to do a lot more, this has been going on for decades, and every official or person in authority who has not done something about it is complicit, and to blame.

  15. These girls have been let down by everyone. And now national meadia and papers . Why oh why is this not headline news. If politicians daughters had been involved in this it would have been different.🇬🇧

  16. Tommy Robinson has tried for over 5years to highlight this was happening. Trying to prevent more girls being raped,stabbed with needles to make them drug addicts. You guys are trying to make it like he's not doing right by them when he's been called a racist for trying to do just that.

  17. The men are at fault here. Young girls will go with older men and they find racial relationships exciting and not boring like with their white counterparts. The police raped those kids too as they are inept and evil themselves. Kids cases within the police are dismissed.

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