Scottish independence: Yes campaign gets flash | Channel 4 News

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The yes campaign puts on a flash mob in Glasgow’s George Square. Paul Mason was there.

The leaders on the referendum result:
Alex Salmond:
David Cameron:
Alistair Darling:

Poll reaction from Scotland:

Coverage of the campaign trail:

ODN’s independence referendum recap:

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24 thoughts on “Scottish independence: Yes campaign gets flash | Channel 4 News

  1. weaklings scotland, again lost sodomites Zionist england .. slaves again money,, no sense of pride … in Donetsk in Ukraine, people are dying for their freedom and in peace shotlantsy referendum voted in favor of Sodom London

  2. david cameron talking about our shared history and how proud he was of it lol what a joke! what of the land clearances when we chased you off and replaced you with sheep? or the dismantling of the seaweed industry on the west coast which left many impoverished and starving, the religious persecution instigated by english royalty (thanks god) which again killed many, you should have took the chance while you had it.

  3. Fuck me…. Just seen the Falkirk result and "yes" looks to be shot, even though Glasgow yet to declare. Oh Scotland, what HAVE you done? You can never again moan about Westminster controlling you because you have chosen to remain in the UK

    ….you're going to regret that.

    Do you REALLY trust Cameron, Osbourne and their new best friend Gordon Brown-Stain??

    Shame in you. Totally gutless

  4. I from England and tbh I don't care about what happens but I don't see why Scotland want to go independent, they will have pride, yet have to change currency, have new passports won't have virgin broadband, same post men. So much money will be wasted because of it. And yes u have oil in Scotland but i dosent belong to u, uk companies drill it out and it's nearly all gone there so that's not an excuse

  5. Clearly Scotland is a divided nation.
    Why don't they split Scotland down the middle and the 'yes' people live on one side of the country and the 'no' people live in the other?

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