Sleaford Mods on Jeremy Corbyn, poverty and language

Ten years ago the Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson was lucky if he could afford a Mars bar and a can of Special Brew.

Ten years on – he and fellow musician Andrew Fearn have found commercial success by swearily ranting about boredom, poverty and what they call the ‘un-incredible’ landscape of Britain.

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36 thoughts on “Sleaford Mods on Jeremy Corbyn, poverty and language

  1. A bit of a "cop out" (to make reference to by gone days of strong unions, and the politics that that might imply, speaking as a bloke from the states..) For them to express their anger with such eloquence, then be so humbled before the interviewr…it dissapoints . Still think their great!

  2. Sleaford mods music is angry and aggressive there music is real to life tho especially the song job seeker. Those who have experienced unemployment. Know what like to fob off my the job centre.

  3. Utter bullshit, for info working class are bricklayers, plasterers, scaffolders, electricians, basically guys who get up at 430 to drive to sites in white vans and yes they read the Sun. They've haven't got time for scroungers and because they all grew up on council estates can spot them a mile off.
    As for these two most of my friends are in the local mod scene, (& working class), in Pompey and I can't think of one of them who supports Corbyn or shares their views, these two clowns are just playing up to a channel 4 news script -anti this anti that hate the government etc etc.

  4. Some people grow up poor and climb the social ladder because they are intelligent. Others don't, either because they were never given a chance or because they are plain dumb. Jason Williamson belongs to the small third group: those who rise upward without any intelligence whatsoever.

  5. They're nothing to do with Hip Hop …. this is part of an English traidition of oratory that goes back to UK Squeeze doing Cool For Cats and to the Speakers Corner at Hyde Park … this pure British oratory put to some beats.

  6. it shouldn't be about wanting any political party to win it should be telling them all to fuck off and stick there politics up there arss because they all turn out to be turn coats all really working for the same end, to screw us over.

  7. Can't help wondering if Sleaford are a product of the Tavistock Institute. After reading Mark Devlin's Musical Truth (about the Hidden Hand) it just makes perfect sense. And NO-ONE makes it big without being part of the club, no matter how fringe and "anti-establoishment" they appear.

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