Cambridge Analytica: New details about its wider network of firms

An undercover investigation by Channel 4 News revealed how Cambridge Analytica secretly campaigns in elections across the world. Bosses were filmed talking about using bribes, ex-spies, fake IDs and sex workers.

Now more facts have emerged about other companies linked to the London-based political strategy firm.

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20 thoughts on “Cambridge Analytica: New details about its wider network of firms

  1. Really do wonder how much influence CA have over the terms of the political debate in the UK, especially given the mass disregard for evidence and truth demonstrated by so many BTL posters keen to demonstrate their capacity to hate anyone who dares suggest that the power of the billionaires be curbed .

  2. Hahaha Cambridge Analyitica is supposed to be professional experts in political dirty tricks, BUT a journalist from a small inconsequential regional Broadcaster Channel 4, managed to record these so-called professionals bragging away like amateurs in a HOTEL Lobby Bar in London. And these guys were meant to have destabilized government, undermined politicians, but don't know how to protect themselves ?

    Sounds like a false-flag operation designed by a vengeful Steve Bannon to hurt Trump.

  3. I smell a rat,, why was Channel 4 allowed to air this documentary while a basic documentary from Al Jazeera about the Zionist in London was refused about corruption.. I think there will be a bigger picture later,, maybe the Brexit voting was somehow influenced by this firm ? That puppet Donnald "fart" trump being elected through these firms dodgy activity.. Who knows, Definitely something is not right.

  4. Not getting this news in the US. The Mercers don’t come up often either and if so just a mention. They don’t ask why Mercer, Prince and Bannon spend so much money to buy politicians and elections. What they gain by it? Money of course but it’s never reported about. The Koch brothers don’t come up often too. Its become the norm here since Citizens United which basically made it legal to bribe a politician. Its all dark money going through SuperPacs. It’s more of a paycheck though since many of our politicians were CEO’s, lobbyists, businessmen and media talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and FOX. Many have stock in companies that they then ease a regulation to help the company increase in value. Things that were illegal become legal again somehow. It’s nuts here. What’s not talked about most is the psychological warfare tactics AC and companies like it uses on people. That is quite some power and not used in a positive way. Most of what came up here is about Facebook. What they did was wrong but it’s how all that info was used which is worse. About a year ago I wondering why alt-right/right-wing conservative Christian ideology spread so strongly here and in other countries and now it makes sense. I think that it isn’t covered nor are good questions asked because the news media uses similar tactics on its people and the owners, shareholders, the government and pretty much 1% couldn’t have the 99% know otherwise there would actually be a worldwide revolution.

  5. Obama’s campaign invented this with the HELP of Facebook, and they boasted that they’d prevent Republicans for following their lead, even without help, then they helped Hillary do it. But when a Republican finds a way to use the new media, THAT becomes a scandal? Imagine if radio and television had banned a major political party from using their airwaves in the 1960s. Whichever party a few bosses chose to favor would be the one party standing today. Do you want really want that?

  6. Please investigate the insider trading of Mark Zuckerberg. Look how much of his Facebook shares he sold off compared to usual starting two weeks before this came into the news. Why are you not reporting on this?

  7. The CEO of Facebook, Cheryl Samberg openly admitted utilising all the same processes Cambridge analytica used to get Obama into office.

    Think about that.

    The only reason this whole Cambridge analytica thing has blown up is because it was possibly utilised by the trump team.

    Had Hillary won, you wouldn’t even be finding out any of this.

    The right supposedly used the same algorithm practices that had been going on for yrs under Obama, and MSM all of a sudden gets upset now?

    The Dems who basically control the MSM in the US have burnt this process to stop it being utilised by their opponents in the future.

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