Channel 4 News confronted by protesters in Sri Lanka – video

As a Channel 4 News team arrives in Sri Lanka they are mobbed by protesters angry at our reporting of the army’s actions during the final days of the country’s civil war in 2009.

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5 thoughts on “Channel 4 News confronted by protesters in Sri Lanka – video

  1. Actually, SriLana is turning into a ISIS breading ground give them few years it will be known as Islamic Republic of Srikistan. Then they will come to get you UK

  2. why don't you report on Kenya Dr Vance and your lies to Lauren this is why I don't hang out with you or your new station or dr. Vince that's just a just just up throw it up in the air one

  3. Wow, you (Paid by Mahinda Modaya's)  said "LTTE is Finished" and it is dead and gone.
    Now you say: "LTTE is paying" for everyone… They are paying in millions to Channel 4. BBC, The UNO, the UNO Chief, UNCHR, the UNCHR Head Navee Pillai, The USA government, EU member (all of them), The Tamil Nadu Government, Other TN politicians, Amnesty International, All most all the NGO working in Srilanka.
    It would have cost more than a trillion Dollars to pay up for everyone you had mentioned all these days.
    Then, this also suggests that the Mahinda Rajadaniya doesn't have any money buy anyone of these one for their sake.
    Do you think We Sri-lankans are 'modayas' to gulp this?

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