Execution videos emerge from Iraq | Channel 4 News

Video emerges of Iraqi militants executing an Iraqi army prisoners as fundamentalist group Isis captures another Iraqi city.

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21 thoughts on “Execution videos emerge from Iraq | Channel 4 News

  1. Here’s the list of ISIS Swine Pigs Lisa Page aka(Jusmine Phanthouvong),Bou Kantaphone Alias(Hina Alvi/Baroness Warsi/Jenifer Shultz),Precilla Jayapal aka(Angela Hernandez),Miri Regev,Ian Cameon-Susan Rice Ex,Bruno Bonnet,Peter Strzok,Transgrnder Willlam Buckley jr. akias(Betsy Davos/Carol Middleton),Catherine Middleton alias(David Hogg). They signed a pledge to be Executed by Al-Qaeda,Hamas,Hezbollah,Boko Haram.

  2. Al Qaeda dislike ISIS. Can we not just, I don't know, back Al Qaeda and persuade them to wage war against ISIS? That way, both sides have large amount of casualties and it'd be easier to sweep them both up. Two birds, one stone.

  3. Fuck ,fuck and fuck muslim lets start cutting their head off too ,,,,,to every fucking muslim around the world !!! And trust me they will start to leave every country they have been leaving silently  preparing   to commit a suicide bombing or blow up a subway, schools , embassies , you name it !! I so tire of this mother fuckers or sheep fuckers any one who support  ISIS  or Islam,should be terminated or executed as well  by any arm forces or civilians,,  and  than we will burn the fucking book so call Quran,,,!!!! Lets give them a bible so they can start learning the real word of GOD the only GOD!!!

  4. You ever wonder why ISIS never invades Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, or even ISRAHEL (Leader of all the problems right now in the Middle-east), is that these people are the financiers of these so called Islamic militants. This is what the Western world and Israel want is to see a civil war for another intervention in Iraq, and an invasion of Syria to topple the legitimate Assad government to secure and illegitimate powerful state such as Israel.

  5. its funny how such a powerful god that they worship has never made them likeable from the beginning of time. they made themselves unlikable but God has not given them any kind of grace or forced anyone to like these savages, all i see are wild animals who cant be civil and need to kill to make ppl  pay attention to their idiotic beliefs. these ppl are clearly not favored by God. they r so disorderly and impossible to live with with.  like rabid animals.  they really think they r in the right which is just mind boggling

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