Hong Kong protesters clash with police in Mongkok | Channel 4 News

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Police and protesters clashed in the Mongkok area of Hong Kong as protesters tried to re-occupy the area cleared earlier by police. After weeks of protests, police are trying to clear the streets of Hong Kong.

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24 thoughts on “Hong Kong protesters clash with police in Mongkok | Channel 4 News

  1. During this movement, the most hardest people is cop, they don't want to do this, they under the huge pressure and have to do the orders, this makes them exhausted. The Government did't face it and use the cops to be the shield.  The cops are kind to the protesters. and some protesters even blame the cops, i think this is the most ironic thing, absolutely , this is not the cops mistakes. 

  2. shame on your station, show the whole video, do not edit the video and show people what you want to show. It is a shame to use media as a political tools. 

  3. We are all around the world in a controlled war with the rich if you are not rich you better prepare. They're taking us for a ride so buckle up and no matter your race or religion stick together for humanity. Our children's futures count on us

  4. every people have there right to fight for something while not influence another's lifes,it's surely not a simple activity ,they just want to see a separate china which be through as a threaten power to some one. you do not no the system of china ,every one have chance to be a political person of you have enough intelligent ,chance ,endowed……

  5. it no sense to wasting time on comment the ignore people ,they are just naive student,doing the same thing as China commodity party have done about 80years ago. compare with them you are so less experience ,you surely be aroused by some evil power behind,so the news must respect the fact that it only all small crowd student who do not want to go to class

  6. CHINA should kill all these stupid idiod hk student cos they are just under itchy need white cock to screw theur under mother fucker just a 5 millon itch cunt n under just use a big white broom to stub them pot kai die better stupid idiod hk student just need to be screw cos itch.

  7. Most of these police hate having to do this. Best police in the world. American police would probably wade right in and start cracking heads, alas. HK Police RESPECT citizens and their privacy and their freedom and their autonomy…

  8. The idiots saying they should shoot a crowd of hundreds of thousands if not millinos of people…

    Are they insane or what? It's not Rambo guys, it's real life. Those cops would get slaughtered brutally if they actually tried and it wouldn't end there, those people would be so angry and more would join and they would empty the police offices and burn it to the ground…

    Fuck guys, think for a second.

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