Hugh Masekela interviewed by Jon Snow | Channel 4 News

Jon Snow spoke to South African artist Hugh Masekela and found that, at 75, in both person and performance he continues to cast his spell on a musical journey, which came of age during the long struggle to end apartheid.

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3 thoughts on “Hugh Masekela interviewed by Jon Snow | Channel 4 News

  1. Funny how him and Harry Belafonte consider themselves civil rights activists. What I saw was a full blown racist. If Hugh doesn┬┤t like colonialism, then cut down all the telephone poles, destroy the train tracks, dump the teles and mobile phones in the sea and live like zombified bush savages. Going back to the way it was will save everybody time and money.
    The man is an ignorant racist fool. Trump said South Africa was a ┬┤┬┤shithole┬┤┬┤ and was called racist. This moron said the same thing. What a hypocrite.
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