Jack Warner confronted by Channel 4 News

Our Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Rugman encounters Jack Warner in his constituency office as documents obtained by Channel 4 News reveal that $10m was paid into his accounts by Fifa and football’s governing body in the Americas and Caribbean from late 2008.
Video by Jonathan Rugman and Ben Martin.
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10 thoughts on “Jack Warner confronted by Channel 4 News

  1. The Great USATAN…… in Rev 3 vs 9 mode. Nothing new here. Just grabbing at straws on its way to gay-marriage, greed, and hell. Still in the business of maligning black people and their heroes. Nelson Mandela (US TERROR WATCH LIST 1982-2008), Bill Cosby, now Jack Warner. The Bill Cosby thing was a stale combined KKK-Jewish joke though…… a black man raping over 30 white women in the 1970's, no killings, no bruises, not a single police report or complaint ever made by any of the 30 white "victims".

  2. But $100Million from AIPAC going to someone in Israel is fine…… that's a donation. However,  $10Million from South Africa to Jack Warner (as fiduciary) for him to manage is a 'bribe'. Ok then.

  3. Read the South African letter dated 8 March 2008 authorising FIFA to transfer $10Million out of $423Million to the [Black] Diaspora Legacy Programme in the Caribbean. What in the words " [to] be administered and implemented DIRECTLY by the President of Concacaf" do you not understand? The word DIRECTLY legally means it is perfectly ok that the money be put into an account that is controlled or belongs to the President of Concacaf (Jack Warner)….. and he alone (according to the letter) decides how to spend it. Any questions on that implementation is for the giver South Africa to ask……. not New York Federal Court (the international money grabbing arm of Wall Street).

  4. Jack Warner is a dam crook, and I hope the foreign media keep at him, he is embarrassing the country and needs to go face his charges and clear his name if he is innocent

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