Nadia Murad and Amal Clooney interview on Yazidis, President Assad and migration crisis

Channel 4 News’ Kylie Morris talks to one of Britain’s leading human rights lawyers, Amal Clooney, who has spoken out against the UN for not doing enough to stop the genocide of the Yazidi people. She has called for justice for the Yazidi women and girls that have been raped, enslaved and traded by Islamic State fighters. She’s working alongside a champion of the Yazidi people and survivor of Islamic State violence – who yesterday opened the General Assembly – Nadia Murad.


45 thoughts on “Nadia Murad and Amal Clooney interview on Yazidis, President Assad and migration crisis

  1. To those who wonder what language Nadia speaks, it is Kurdish(The Northern Kurmanji). All the Yazidis are Kurd. In other words, Yazidism is a religion belonging to Kurdish origin.

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  3. UN is nothing than a political Gamer's. Just a clown politician to show off that they are powerful but couldn't stop Isis. Useless organization. All UN members think that they are powerful country leader but a weak country member which united with other weak nation and called them self powerful nation. Politician always politician after a all.

  4. Who is that "lawyer"??? She doesn't allow the victim talk and wants to trial Assad, when Assad is fighting ISIS, who rapped her client. That girl was used by ISIS and now by these Neocons. She couldn't admit the problem of giving weapons to Saudi Arabia…

  5. Hey Amal…you and George are in the 1 percent. You don't need the "governments" to help the Yazidis, you can do it yourself. You have a big house…invite the refugees to your home. You have a lot of money…buy a street of houses and provide them shelter and food. DON'T TALK ABOUT IT…BE ABOUT IT. Stop waiting on the government when you have the ability to do it yourself.

  6. Amal and her kin are good for nothing more than dressing up in suits and shaking hands, and Nadia is on board for the ride. As long as these legal advocates in DC and Europe don't acknowledge the hand that the US and Saudi (etc.) played in the creation, spread and continuation of ISIS they're not doing their jobs and nothing can be done to help these people who have suffered immensely.

    In fact, she would sooner join the western media in its lies and condemn a government which is fighting the same forces she is claiming to be against. The ICC is only good for prosecuting individuals with act against the the interests of the US, and this is not the case regarding ISIS and co. in Syria and Iraq. The only justice they're meeting has been out of the barrel of a Russian or Syrian Arab Army gun. The US and co. create and arm them and the Syrian government under Assad and co. have defeated them. That's the reality on the ground.

  7. no, let the countries take care of themselves. I can't go to my castle like amal can. just watch the millions she affords her twins. keep your refuges in your backyard . practice what u preach

  8. BRAVO to Amal Clooney…for supporting Yazidis… Too bad SHE and her husband support Hillary Clinton who along with Obama created and supports ISIS..If she wants to be effective her husband needs to come out against US government policy of Syrian al-Nusra ( al-Qaeda ) invasion of Syria and surreptitious supporting of ISIS mercenaries.

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